I am gonna put this out there

if…and this is a massive if…IF KJ can play like he’s healthy, we will win out.

That’s not what we hoped for. But not many teams meet their hopes and aspirations without their top QB.
KJ was hurt against Miss State and LSU. Didn’t play. He was hurt and ineffective against Liberty, Those are 3 of our 5 losses. Bama is just better, and we all know what happened versus the aggies.

We win out and go 7-5 I will not be one of the fans saying this was a disappointing season, given that we lost Cat and Slush and KJ for various amounts of time.


Agree on all of that. But as you know the head hunters are already lurching.

We’re going to have our hands full Saturday night.
Ole Miss defense played at a totally different level last week

They just held a very potent Alabama offense to 317 total yards. They are extremely aggressive and extremely athletic. Our best bet is to have a great running game somehow some way I don’t anticipate KJ being able to run a whole lot so it’s going to be up to our OL to get the job done
I love the way our defenses playing and I think they can create some turnovers because the Ole Miss quarterback will take some chances.

I think we can pull out a close game but it’s going to be a tough one

My biggest fear is that Kiffin knows KJ is injured. I wouldn’t put it pass him to tell his DC to target KJ’s injured shoulder to put him out of the game, or even worse. Yes. Kiffin is that kind of scum bag.

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I’m just deliberately tossing an optimistic vibe out there. I learned, thanks to my wife’s cancer dance, that that is all you can do sometimes. All this negative stuff doesn’t help the team. The positive stuff does. I have to believe that. And, we are a tough tough team to beat with a healthy KJ. Let’s hope he is healthy enough to be himself.

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I think KJ would do everything he can to win this game especially being close to Ole Miss and high School… I know he’s going to have to shake off some rust early in the game probably hopefully we can let him complete some short passes and get some momentum and the running game can allow us to get some wear and tear on their defense and we can get off to an early lead that will be the best thing can happen to us

They always target shoulder of QB. Part of game. KJ knows it.

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We may have to complete a bunch of passes right out of the gate to have any kind of effective run game.

The key may end up being able to complete passes over the middle and hitting the RB out of the backfield. Pass first and loosen up the box!
If that happens it will
Open up the run game.

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There are so many here that think it’s about play calling. I’ve always thought it was more about blocking and tackling.


It’s all of it, blocking tackling and play calling but there are certain plays that are better designed than others, certain plays are much harder to defend than others. Tennessee runs a totally different offense under Heupel and look how explosive they are,So yeah play calling has a lot to do with it but the start of every play will be blocking no doubt about it.


On another site one of the OM Insiders was asked about how Arkansas could attack their defense and he said they’ve been very weak in the middle of the field because they had injuries at linebacker and also they’re very young and I said well they don’t have to worry about us taking advantage of them there because for whatever reason Briles does not like to throw the ball in the middle of the field.

You want him to say sack the quarterback but take it easy in his shoulder? Players always tryin to knock players out tha game.

The point about my post, some think they see a play call and they don’t. A back is the target in the flat and the protection falls apart and the QB is ducking and diving. Same thing about plays called over the middle. They are called but you never saw them because the QB had someone bust through up the gut. Then I hear someone say, “Lets see the deep ball.” OK, keep the back and the TE in and max protect so you have time to throw it. That falls incomplete and the guy beside me is wondering why don’t they send the back out more. It’s more complex than just calling plays.

I thought I could sit in the stands at games this year. I can’t. I can’t hardly sit in the press box in some places either. I should stay in my recliner all by myself and I might start doing that.


Yes it all starts with blocking for sure but I do believe you have to take with the defense is giving you they can’t be everywhere and the great offenses will find the weaknesses and make you pay dearly for them I know we did when Petrino was here…

I have a hard time going and setting at games Clay because my back doesn’t do well unless I’ve got something supporting it so I know I’m far better off in my recliner and I’m a lot closer to the refrigerator and the bathroom :slightly_smiling_face:

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Online does its job and really does not matter what is called. Likewise, Olins does not do its job and it really does not matter

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I’m talking about dirty hits after the play is over, or after KJ passes the ball. Not unheard of for an Ole Piss defensive player to take a cheap shot.

They tried one of those tonight and it cost them 15, primarily because it was so blatant after the whistle had been blowing in his ear for about 5 seconds and looked like he threw a punch while throwing KJ down. Half the state of Arkansas probably jumped out of their chairs yelling, “Throw the damn flag!”

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Still don’t understand how that kid didn’t get tossed out of the game. It was a clear punch.


He whiffed, or at least semi whiffed. On the other side, have you ever hit a helmet hard with your fist…that’s just dumb.