I am getting really concerned that Moore

…Williams & McBride could end up on the same team… and it be an SEC West rival.

I don’t have anything concrete to base that on though, except that Moore & Williams have Auburn as a top list option, and McBride just seems to be left hanging in all of the Fab 5 talk. Mackey had Auburn near the top of his list last year and they already have Flanigan (coach & son) and Javon Franklin.

5 Arkansas players at Auburn?. It is not out of the realm of possibility!

Also interestingly, I noticed they already have a Jaylin Williams. :pensive:

I think you will feel better about it on Saturday! ghg

Yeah, I hope it will be proven incorrect by Friday afternoon.

I think he has moved it to Saturday. Lots of momentum for Muss and the Hogs! We are going to sweep it I think! ghg

Thanks… I hadn’t seen that until just now.

I am certainly hoping that these top Arkansas players ultimately choose to stay at home and possibly do so special things for Razorback Nation.
I doubt there isn’t a much better feeling than knowing that you made a commitment to make your home state Relevant again on the national landscape.
Knowing that after your playing career you will always be remembered and loved by your home state for the rest of your life and have opportunities at home when your playing days come to an end.
Just think about the great love and admiration the state has for the Triplets and Big Nasty.
No one will ever have those feelings for Monk, Allen and Goodwin and I doubt those players will ever be revered in the states o Kentucky or Florida as they would’ve been for life had they chosen to play at Arkansas.
IMO, Arkansas has the right coach to make the best players from our state think long and hard before making the “Business decisions” that these guys made in the recent past.
My hope is that these kids call the Hogs and hang up some banners in BWA!

Go Hogs!

The great thing about having Coach Musselman is that there is no longer any need to choose between representing Arkansas or making a business decision. Playing here is now undeniably a good choice from a business standpoint. In fact, I think beginning with the 2021 class, you will start seeing some out of state players choosing making the business decision to come to Arkansas rather than play for a school in their home state.

I think with regards to Moore and Williams both having Auburn in their top 3, they should really think long and hard about going to a school that is always a whisker away from probation. I know Bruce Pearl is a dynamic guy, but he is also a known cheater who, to my knowledge, has yet to make a dent preparing guys for the NBA. I can’t think of one player who played for Pearl that is now in the NBA. As far as Memphis, Penny is almost demanding the NCAA place sanctions on his program. Obviously I want these kids to be Razorbacks, but more than that, be Razorbacks that took our program back to glory. And without the cloud of cheating or possible probation. Also, as dfarris so eloquently pointed out, these kids, should they choose to be Razorbacks, will never have to pay for a drink or worry about future employment in the state of Arkansas once their playing careers are over. This state adores its sports heroes forever. Someday Monk, Goodwin, and to a lesser extent, Allen, will find this out the hard way. I have faith these kids will make a great decision that will propel Razorback Basketball back to greatness. GO Hogs!

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Don’t both Moore and Williams also have Arkansas in their top teams? I like both of them to wear red. Then, KK Robinson will feel the love too. Not sure about McBride. I would have thought he would already have announced, although it seems the wait and see approach gives them a chance to see who else ends up on the roster that might compete for playing time.

Oh I have always felt that Williams will be a Hog, and Moore is hopefully leaning that way. I was more just raising the possibility of Pearl poaching 5 Arkansas kids (while we talk somewhat prematurely about our own Fab 5).

I have no love to lose when it comes to Auburn. You can trust me on that, without knowing anything else about me or what I am thinking.

I also wish the fan base would show a little more interest in McBride. I know he is not helping boost enthusiasm by his silence, but in my mind that should show something about his character. He is not all about the fanfare and publicity.

I would love for McBride to sign with the hogs. I wanted him the last time and thought he was much better than Hill. I wish he was already on the roster!

I would absolutely love to have Isaac in Razorback red, and I know a lot of fans who feel the same way. The silence involving his situation is strange. Is he just taking the first semester off and training in LR? I have said many times that I wish Muss would forget about Walker (considering we would most likely only have him for a semester) and make Isaac a priority. Go Hogs!

Yes, he is

I brought this up on this board a few days ago and I remain concerned about Williams. When I talk to certain people, I don’t get the same cuddly feeling as I get from reading Dudley’s posts about Williams. I am hanging on to what Dudley says.

Regarding Moore, there was no talk about Auburn. It was all Memphis and Arkansas. But since the Wiseman news, his name comes up with Auburn.

I sense Pearl took a chance with injured Javon Franklin to lure other Arkansas kids,

I had not thought of McBride and have not heard a word about him.

Wes Flanagan connection is solid and something to be concerned about regarding Arkansas kids and Auburn. Two years ago, Bruce Pearl made Arkansas a priority and was the primary reason for hiring Wes. I hear about the type of offense Auburn runs.

Other thing Pearl is stressing is national TV exposure Auburn is getting with national TV games. It is true that Muss’s NBA exposure is a big plus over Anderson in fighting off a business decision. However, I don’t think the gap is completely plugged yet. Until Arkansas starts getting regular national TV exposure, business decision threat remains.

As far as kids that go out of state, won’t be taken care of by another state, that is stretching it. Some truth to that, but don’t we take care of Thurmans and Bradleys and Kleines and Bazzells and on and on? So, point is that today’s social media exposed players don’t pay any attention to it. It is all about going with the right coach to the right school

Hope we will feel great Saturday afternoon as one poster says.

One piece of good news is that Moore is signing early but a Williams is not. That says they are not going to same school. That makes me feel better about Williams to Arkansas.

It doesnt mean that at all. They can still very likely go to the same school regardless of when they sign

So now Moore and Ambrose Hylton are committing on the same day? I guess that blows the theory that it was either Moore or Ambrose. Maybe Muss has arranged this as back to back Arkansas commits on the same day? I just hope we don’t lose both of them.

Moore is Sat, Keon is Sunday.

You are right that it could happen. I was thinking since reports indicate that they were wanting to go to the same school, one wouldn’t sign and the other do the opposite. But theoretically, they could sign months apart but could end up with the same school.

Woo Pig! ghg

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