I am finding more peace by using the "foe" function

on this board. I know I have not always been a “positive” poster, and I have NOT blocked everyone who has concerns, even deep concerns, about the program, but good Lord, some people on here are just over the top!

I did the same thing with Facebook due to politics. Just had to “unfollow” several people (didn’t unfriend anyone, yet). It makes my day better!

I enjoy a healthy discussion. I have actually changed my mind about some things due to those discussions, but some of these people don’t know what a discussion is!

Know what you mean. Unfortunately, as a moderator, the “foe” option is not one I can use. I need to be able to see what these people are posting. On the old board, where I wasn’t a mod, you bet I blocked people.

As for Facebook, I have unfollowed a lot and unfriended a few. Some people have revealed sides of themselves in the past few months that I want nothing to do with, so dumping them was an easy decision.

If we had “like” buttons I would click it for this thread.