I am disgusted today

I could not believe they fired Mike Anderson today. It’s beyond disappointing.

His kids are devastated, but their feelings don’t matter.

Coach Anderson deserved one more year. I think the institution that is Razorback Basketball deserved Mike Anderson for one more year.

Another .500 season, and it would have been time to move on. But it was not the right time.

This is going to hurt recruiting and most likely decimate the current roster.

I suspect we will now get basketball’s version of Chad Morris, and we’ll endure a basketball version of his 2-10 season, the worst in over 60 years.

I don’t recognize University of Arkansas athletics any more, nor do I in any way identify with it.

This is not the Arkansas Razorback programs that I have known my whole life; this is not a continuation of our once proud history. It’s a whole new world where 2-10 football seasons are the norm, and sub-.500 basketball will soon rule the day with the never-ending promise of another firing and a new hiring right around the corner.

Razorback Sports are now a mediocre product, and a never-ending cycle of new coaches and fired coaches.

There’s no loyalty. There’s no pride.

Baseball is the shining exception, but I’ve heard fans calling for Van Horn’s head many times. One bad season, and I’m sure he’ll be run out of town too.

One more year would have been better for the program

Totally agree!

He was here three years to long, one more year would have been just like the previous eight. “Maybe, should have, could have, didn’t”

Razorback sports have become nothing more than a big _____ contest for the BOT. It’s become more about their egos than anything else.

While I may agree that MA should have been given another year, I’ve never agreed that MA couldn’t coach as some of my friends and posters think. His downfall was recruiting. Unlike the days of no shot clock, you can’t hide mediocre players. We did Not underachieve on the court.
We fell short talent wise. I hate this for MA, but it’s hard to compete with a 10% 3pt point guard and virtually nothing from 4 spot. Joe and Mason are excellent players but need help to get shots. In short, we always seem to be one or two average players from being very good. It’s a common theme… Hey Saban only won 6 games his 1st year. Gotta recruit!!

Should have said Saban only won 6 games at Bama his 1st year.

The roster was already decimated. There was no balance between positions, guards everywhere, inside size only occasionally, hardly any development while they are here, players you were counting on transferring out over and over. Heck, Nolan knew you had to have size. Remember, Robinson, Wilson, Stewart and Williamson. I remember seeing 3 of those 4 on the floor at the same time. We always had some beef down low. Lately, we get length, but hardly ever anyone you would describe as stout. Some may leave because Coach Anderson is gone, but others may have left anyway. Coach A, thanks for all you did, but Coach Richardson set the bar real high. And 2 NCAAT wins over the last 5 years or so is the reality we are faced with now.