I am convinced we are pretty good

What an unbelievable performance tonite! I haven’t seen a Hog team play like that in 20 years. Pay Muss all the money, because nobody wants to play us right now. We are back in a big way! We are the best team in the SEC, and we have the best freshman in the country. It is criminal that Moses wasn’t a Mickey D’s AA. We are a legit Final Four threat! Go Hogs! And to all the in-state stud recruits coming up, why in the world would you not want to be a Hog?


May be a blessing they missed the boat on not selecting Moody as Micky D’s AA.

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I honestly would not trade Moses for any other player, and I love Cade.

I guess we’ll see next week, but I think Bama is a better team; not greatly better. But, tremendously athletic.

Still, there’s much you say that I agree with (as do the pollsters).

I’m with Jeremy on this, Bama may pass the eye test, but I think right now we are the better TEAM.

Arkansas vs. Alabama in the SEC tourney champ. game. Would decide SEC’s best team I think.

Of course Arkansas would most likely have to beat a tough Florida team first.

It’s been a great season. Now I’m ready to take the next step and make some noise in the NCAA tournament. I want the sweet 16. Anything past that is gravy

Like Coach Dunn said, Muss’s adjustments in-game are next level. He completely out-coached Oates last week. The only difference between Bama and us is they have multi-year seniors. If Muss is not SEC coach of the year, it will be an absolute travesty. Oates had way more coming back than we did. Period.

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Not too worried about Bama. If we get there, it’ll be a great game. I remember losing to UK in the SEC tourney and still winning it all in the 90s. We didn’t win the SEC tourney until Joe Johnson came along and we needed the auto bid i believe. I am excited about this team. We play our best and we can play with about anyone.

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I wouldn’t trade Moses for any other either but had he been a highly ranked McDonalds AA it’s quite possible he lands elsewhere. Maybe not.

Muss is without a doubt the best coach we’ve had since NR and with a 10-15 yr. (or longer) career here he may become an Ark goat.Yes, it’s early in his career here but I’m giving credit where credit is due.

You’ve got to quit thinking that way. Moses’ family did their homework. They decided Muss was a coach that could get their son to the next level. The next generation of great Arkansas players should see this as a blueprint. You don’t have to go play for tired Cal. You can play for all you you ever dreamed of at Arkansas and still reach your pro dreams. Go Hogs!


My thinking is based on reality not fantasy, but
Fair enough regarding Moses coming to AR and the homework he and his family did to get him here. Glad to know the Dukes, KY’s, KA’s and the rest of blue bloods with established NC’s Coaches (cheaters?) wouldn’t have been able to sway him no matter what was offered.

AR becomes the blue print that the next generation dreams to play for (legally) and follows through with it. Hope that Nick Smith falls in line.

We are really good. Tonight’s game was a clinic on winning college basketball. We did everything that really good teams do. Played good defense, scored from 3 and in the paint and played a clean floor game.

The only thing that can stop us is COVID. I hope that Jaylin can return quickly and continue his strong play.

It is clear that Muss is an excellent coach who can win it all. The team plays hard and smart. Muss has the experience and he can make the right mid-game corrections if needed.

We have to see how we do in the tournaments before we rank the current team against the all time Razorbacks teams. But make no mistake about it, thr Hogs are back.

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This team is peaking at the right time.
I posted earlier the best game so far from start to finish this year in all facets.
Only minor glitch was 15 TO’s. But that wasn’t a factor due to our dominance everywhere else.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a tie this year. The year being like it is.

If any hs stud is paying attention to this year, then they should all want to come to Arkansas.

Muss’ player development is off the charts. Justin smith has siad that he was not improving at IU, so he transfered here. and voila!

MM, Devo, Tate, Notae, Jaylin, they are all improving sooo much, on defense and offense. Playing together as a team. so so so very imporessive.

In stark contrast to LSU and Kentucky, for instance.


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One thing I really like about this team is the depth we have and our really great teams had great depth.
We did not have Jaylin last night and we stomped the Chickens on their own court.

Coach has done a very good job recruiting and coaching these guys up.

That depth will go a long way when playing in the SEC Tourney and also playing in the dance. Think we can win the SEC tourney and the Sweet 16 should be our minimum achievement and Elite 8 or final 4 will be gravy as others have said.

If we can get decent matchups and have the ball bounce our way a time or two we could be cutting down several nets over the next month. Good time to be a HOG!!

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For me…Florida is more a concern then Bama. They were a little rusty coming into our game and gave us fits for most of it. They will be out for payback if we match up. Either way, a loss to them or Bama won’t affect us moving forward in Big Dance!

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If (When) the shots are not falling on a given night, any team can lose. Let’s not get our hopes up too high right now, and just enjoy the remainder of this season as it unfolds. Look back at the comments on the “Forum” from the preseason, and realize how wonderful it has been to see this team far exceed the posted expectations and how much fun it has been to watch. I personally am not going to develop the mindset that what is happening in each of our remaining games is merely what I have come to expect, but continue to look with amazement and joy at the great play that I see from these players and the wonderful coaching decisions that facilitate such play. What a great ride for our team and fans, and our continued thanks to those who have made and continue to make it happen!!! WPS!!!