I am coming to the inescapable conclusion

With these exit velocities, some pitchers are gonna get killed. Seriously. Launch angle means (fortunately) that most of them will be flying over the pitcher’s head, but we’ve all seen some rockets through the box that remind you of Charlie Brown.

I don’t know how DVH handles things like Kjerstad’s brain fart, but apparently he handles things like that well. Glad he yanked HK from the game. That lapse was inexcusable. (Losing count of the outs earlier wasn’t a big deal. All it cost was a wasted long throw. At least he didn’t mistake it the other way: thinking he’d caught the 3rd out when there were only 2.)

Heston Kjerstad is in the line up today.

Only change to normal starting line up is Zack Plunkett at catcher

More than losing track of the outs, Dave was upset with Kjerstad’s double in the second inning. Kjerstad put his head down and kind of cruised into second base, when Nate Thompson was waving him to come on to third. It took away a sac fly opportunity. Kjerstad still scored, but that is the kind of thing that can get you beat in a close game.

The new bats don’t have the massive exit speeds that they once had in college baseball. In fact, in a story I just read there is a belief that the exit speeds in the sweet spot might be better with a wood bat. It’s when the hits are more closer to the label or the handle that the metal bats are better. But that wouldn’t be a place where the exit velo is high anyway.

I hope we add a couple more “Disconnected” mental talents in 2020…

Disconnected mental talents can get you beat too.

I do not expect Van Horn to bench Kjerstad. I bet he’s in the five hole, like the last few games.

I don’t expect him to be benched either. Even if he zones out on the base paths and in right field, he’s locked in at the plate right now.

Hopefully what happened the other night serves as a wakeup call, pun intended.

That talent level wins a lot more than they lose…