I am coming to the inescapable conclusion

That Kjerstad is a space cadet. Incredibly talented, but his head is sometimes not in the same area code as his body. Forgetting to touch home?

I was thinking the same thing, isn’t the fun thing about scoring actually stomping on the plate?

Radio announcers think he thought the ball had been caught and the inning was over. Still not good but an explanation.

That had to be what he thought. Still, running through home plate eliminates any doubt.


That Kjerstad is a space cadet. Incredibly talented, but his head is sometimes not in the same area code as his body. Forgetting to touch home?

[/quote]Lotta space around Amarillo.

Well he will never make that mistake again. I was shocked when he didn’t touch the plate.

I will be very interested to see what DVH says about that one.

Rule of thumb - always run it out and “touch” the bag or home plate. No matter what, bc crazy things can happen in baseball and in your head.

He wasn’t happy. He said repeatedly, “You’ll have to ask him about it.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him benched for the start of the next game. Maybe brought in later to pinch hit.

Funny and strange things happen in baseball all the time.
See the ball sometimes finds its way to the ground and the
Ump says he dropped it. DUH. Touch the #$%^ base.

Talk about letting the air out of a balloon.

Yeah and rare back and throwing a perfect strike from right field only to find out there’s already three outs :thinking::thinking::thinking:the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead :smiley:

Probably a lesson learned. What a day at the plate though. That HR to center was absolutely crushed.

It was clocked at 110 mph off the bat.

Holy smokes. He’s going to put a hole in the batter’s eye before he’s done here.

I don’t envy him having to come back out for the press conference after a few gaffes and getting benched. Looks like he’s still got his head up, though.

How does that compare to Martin, Goodheart, etc. no-doubters? What speed do home runs in the majors clock at? I am not familiar with this stat and wonder how it compares?

Kjerstad was hitting the ball all over the park in batting practice. He was hitting some off the batter’s eye in BP, too.

I’m convinced that Dave Van Horn is not going to let a player duck away from interviews, nor do I think the players want to shy away. The players in that program own up to their mistakes. It’s part of the strong culture that people talk about.

The highest exit velocity in the MLB this year was 120 mph by Giancarlo Stanton. Aaron Judge has the highest average exit velocity, at 99 mph.

Martin had a 103 mph velocity on the home run he hit against Louisiana Tech, which I thought was the most impressive he hit this year.

Kjerstad just clobbers the ball and is deceptively strong.

Are you saying he hits the ball harder than Aaron Judge?

No. I don’t know Kjerstad’s average exit speed, but it’s not in the same ballpark as Judge, nor can you really compare the two because of the difference in bats. On that one home run last night he hit the ball at 110 mph with an aluminum bat. Judge has had three hits this year of at least 113.5 mph with a wood bat.