I am betting Isaiah Joe gets

…drafted at #30 by the Boston Celtics.

I’m down with that!

Based on?
I think it would be great, and just maybe that was the feedback IJ was waiting on.

I have heard Celtics like him. Celtics are a jump shooting team. And Celtics have four picks in the draft and #30 will be their third pick. Just a guess, of course.

First time since 1997 that the Hornets actually moved up in the lotto. We’ll prob draft Ball…

If I am Timberwolves, I am not passing on Ball. He is the best available player in the draft.

Careful now, don’t over-excite DD


Whew! I hope the wolves harken your advice!

Mason’s tweet last night was really interesting. Maybe both kids will be in the NBA next season

PJ, you should love this just released Fox Sports NBA mock draft. They have Joe going to the Lakers with the 28th pick.

I think I remember you are a Lakers fan?

I think there is a very good chance both get drafted. Then the next question will be, can they make the roster next year?

Wow! That will be sweet.

With their arc shooting I don’t see the Lakers letting Joe out of the first round.

It is strange. I used to vehemently dislike Boston when they were really great. Now, it has been so long since I liked NBA basketball, I don’t even dislike the Celtics, even with Danny Ainge. I tried to watch the Lakers-Blazers game last night and turned it off before they started.

I did see some highlights of Damien Lillard, the Portland guard. I have never seen anybody shoot like that with the range he has. Too bad he plays for Portland. He would be fun to watch on a regular basis.

SI.com has Isaiah to the Blazers at 46 and Mase to the Hawks at 50.

They also have Edwards to the T-wolves at 1 and Ball to the Bulls at 4.

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