I am amazed by Coach Muss's getting this team to the elite 8 ----------------

-------------------------- he has no point guards that can handle the pressure, attack, & dish making everyone better, so he takes his shooting guard and let’s him be the one and only point guard. Other teams attack our lack of ball handlers so he just let’s Jaylin be the second guard breaking the press, problem solved. We have no three point shooters unless Notae is on fire, so he patiently let’s Umude and Wade and Jaylin fill that void. He gambles with Lykes and Devo who can be good from three sometimes but can also create turnovers when pressed so that is a quick reset when necessary. We got no equivalent depth behind Jaylin. Connor just did not work out, but he makes do with a 6-7 tweener in Kamani and it works, so far, for the short breaks Jaylin needs. We got a bunch of great defenders who have bought in and bring tough defense that just gets better as the game goes on. This undersized bunch holds its own most of the time on the boards. The most valuable player is probably Toney who, so far, has shut down every team’s best guards all year. We have an abundance of 6-6ish strong athletic defenders who are mentally tough, very experienced, and are totally focused. This is a fun team to watch and a masterful coaching job. It is gratifying that Muss is getting the credit he deserves. Koach K got his hundredth tourney victory last night. That is a nice round number. Let’s let him leave on that note. Go Hogs.


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