I am absolutely certain

That the only team that can beat us is ourselves

And we keep doing it on the road

I don’t have the exact number in front of me, but I think the number of errors on the road is quite a bit more than errors at home, and there have been about twice as many home games.

Arkansas has 29 errors in 20 games away from Baum Stadium.

The Razorbacks have 23 errors in 32 games at Baum Stadium.

It’s hard to fathom

And as has been repeatedly pointed out we are abysmal with runners in scoring position and especially with runners on third with less than 2 outs

Goodness. That tells a big story for why the Hogs are 0-for-the-year in road series.

its ridiculous!! can’t even field a routine ground ball combine that with knight giving up the HR ball and not hitting with RISP and you see why we are behind…

Well…all that’s true but we should have pounded their starter. He didn’t impress me at all…we gotta jump on avg starters…smh!!!

yeah we have taken some very hittable pitches not really aggressive and lets him throw the Offspeed

finally Bonfield jumped on one!!