I almost feel sorry for Chris Moore

I, like many of you, watched the hour and a half church service/ hype video this afternoon. I watched a parade of adults, who should know better, put on a clown show. Chris Moore doesn’t know it now, but he will 20 years from now. As the lowest rated Hog Fab 5 member, he could have come in and been a part of something really special, especially when this program is craving skilled bigs. He is a bit of a tweener, but Hog fans would have loved him forever regardless. Now he goes to play for a cheating huckster who shouldn’t have a job now, and will almost certainly end his Auburn tenure leaving behind the ruin of probation. Bruce Pearl will not coach him up to be a pro prospect, because that is not what Bruce Pearl has ever done. At his size, Moore should have come to The Hill hungry to learn from a staff full of guys who know how to get to the next level. He might not have made it, but he would have always had a safe spot to land in Arkansas. Sorry Chris, but Bruce Pearl is like an airplane with no landing gear. It’s fun as long as you are in the air, but the landing could be brutal. Good luck to Muss on signing KK, Jaylin, Moses, Devonta, and Isaac. It’s a shame Chris Moore will have to miss one of the most epic rides in Razorback Basketball history. Go Hogs!


West Memphis has produced some pretty good players over the years. Probably as many or more NBA players than any school in the state. Only two of those Blue Devils have wound up at the U of A. The great Sonny Weems and the regrettable Jason Henry. I never thought for one second that Chris Moore would be a Hog. I hope you are right about Pearl and Aubrun going down. Unfortunately I don’t have much faith in the NCAA these days.

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While I don’t have much faith in the NCAA it’s only a matter of time for the dirt from the FBI scam to end up being delivered to Auburn in the form of a Notice of allegations! There’s several to be sent at one time! The same can be said in regards to the dirt bag at LSU!

I respect Chris Moore’s decision but this wasn’t based on development but rather sales pitch. “The Development” direction just sounds good for media purposes.

Chris absolutely craves public attention more than anything and Bruce Pearl promised him he would be looked upon by the student body as royalty with “Purks” and national exposure.

Coach Musselman doesn’t promise the NBA but rather a student body experience with lot’s psychological discipline to improve abilities in the motor domains that enable success in athletic performance.

Bruce Pearl target’s these type of player’s who’s desire of public attention is a personality trait.

When I was a resident of West Memphis from 01-03 their was tons of Razorback media coverage (Hog Dominated) So loyalty played no role in the final decision.

Bruce Pearl is a great recruiter…$$$$

Like Rick $tan$bury…

I’d rather him be at Auburn than to be at Arkansas wishing he was at Auburn, that kind of thing is bad in the locker room. I wish him nothing but the very best. WPS

Chris absolutely craves public attention more than anything

Not getting that. I’ve seen a lot of kids that crave attention but Chris doesn’t come to mind.

After watching most of that 45 minute announcement, it appears to me that Chris’ recruiting was coordinated by his much older brother. I wouldn’t be s urprised to find out he got a new job in Auburn, AL.

After reading the story on the NCAA basketball site about him choosing Auburn it shows just how uninformed he is! After reading his statement he feels like Memphis may be in trouble by the NCAA! So he chooses Auburn. Man what an uneducated decision I’d fear of a potential NCAA trouble is the real reason! Smell like C$$H to me! I hope auburn ends up on probation and enjoys himself at his home away from home.

Will Justice ever come to Auburn

I doubt under the current leadership of the enforcement staff at the NCAA front office. They are weak minded and fail to enforce the rules about like our government fails to enforce the law!
Pearl could end up with yet another show cause that would end his coaching career! That would be the justice in this case as well as Arizona, MissSt, Kansas and LSU! I respect Louisville for firing Slick Rick they took the high road unlike all of these sorry schools!

Remember Louisville did not do anything to Rick with that first scandal with the bar incident with a woman. Rick was being referred to as Teflon Man at that time, With the hooker scandal, Louisville had no choice.

I don’t think Auburn offered him, but I could be mistaken. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up.

He visited Auburn the weekend before he was on the hill! They did offer him! He is committed to them. There’s an article on his commitment on the Auburn site!

You are talking about Justice Hill.

Correct. I thought that’s what Bush was referencing.

Gotta disagree with the assessment of Chris.

He is the least attention seeking recruit I have covered in basketball since James Anderson.

The show was brought to you by adults

Was one of those adults also a very big part of the decision?

I think bushhog meant “justice” (lower case)… as in NCAA sanctions for Auburn.