I admit I don't know much basketball; however,

It seems to me, perhaps due to rule changes, the trapping defense that worked well for Nolan is not effective anymore. It seems to just gives officials an excuse to call a lot of fouls, imaginary fouls, or just because the player could have fouled. Or, considering the number of missed layouts, maybe we don’t have very good players. Certainly we we are a terrible at free throws and when Gafford misses so many shots just two feet from the basket, it tells me he is not yet a good basketball player.

the trapping is what is killing this team,we very very rarely even deflect a pass much less steal one and all it does is leave someone wide open or create a driving lane to the basket and put us in poor rebound position…MA is a good guy but this is not ever going to get us back in the hunt again IMO.we have get somebody in here that can preach and demand a hardcore man to man in your face defense and he is not going to teach that.

I have noticed that seems to happen a lot, I just didn’t know if it is the coaching, the system, or lack of talent.

the system &/or lack of talent is on the coach

Let’s be honest Mike offense and defense is not like Nolan’s. Teams feared Nolans press and would practice against six players to prepare for it. Mikes might work for a few minutes every 3 games of so if that often. Maybe it isn’t the right players but that’s On the coach. The same as not having a point guard or a power forward. Mike is not Nolan.

Also in his hay day there weren’t time near as many timeouts for Nolan and you can’t wear teams like Nolan did nowadays. Plus Mike’ squad isn’t as deep, but again that is on the coach and his recruiters

The NCAA changed the hand check rule in the later 90’s and it almost neutered NR’s defense. The NCAA took away the ability to hand check or body check the offensive player. The press and trapping are not near as effective and have gotten even less effective with the cylinder rule on double teams.

I still think we can create turnovers. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that we must take advantage of these gifts and score. Shot selection as a team must improve–ride the horses. Free throw shooting is terrible. I like the press. I like switching to zone periodically to confuse the offense. I’m not a big fan of having our big man defending at the top of the key. But, I can’t second guess Coach Anderson on trapping. He knows a LOT more about basketball than I ever will.