I actually like our seeding position in the SEC Tournamtnet

This seeding provides an opportunity to gain at least one extra win for Big Dance related seeding. In addition, being slotted against Florida, instead of Kentucky, may provide two wins; just feel like we are due against FL if we get that far.

Clearly, this year’s tournament is wide open. There are about seven teems that could take the championship.

Don’t think it is good at all. Winning the first round game will not help our seeding at all since the team we would beat has such a low RPI. And we do not match up well with Florida at all and they will be well rested.

I had a feeling we’d lose to Missery, which is why I wanted MSU to win yesterday. That would have put us at the seven seed, playing TN in the second game. We match up better against them than FL or KY.

Edit, looked at the standings 4,5,6 or 7 would have all been bad. If we would have been the four seed, we would have got KY. I don’t think the 2nd game would have gotten into their legs, maybe the third game. If we would have been the fifth, it means KY would have beaten FL, and we would have had to play FL in the second game, we don’t match up good. Same with the 6th seed. The 7th seed would have put us against LSU in the 1st round. We were going to have a bad matchup, regardless of how yesterday worked itself out.

Unless we drop the first round game I think our seed is already pretty much locked one way or the other. There’s no way we can get to a four seed, and we would probably have to win the SEC to even have a remote chance of a five. If we win the first game we should not be worse than a seven, and our chances of getting a six won’t improve much one way or another after the first round.

Those six and seven seeds often look like the Committee just throws teams into a group and then sets up the bracket without really worrying about whether a given six is really a better team than a given seven. So going 2-1 in the tournament probably would not make much difference. If we win the tournament, we would probably be no worse than a six, but that would be at the cost of playing two more games with our short guard rotation. Fun for the fans this week but maybe setting us up for disappointment next week.

If we went 1-1 in the tournament that would probably not be a bad thing at all, as it’s more important to be fresh for the Big Dance than to play those extra games that don’t necessarily improve seeding.

I do think that if we drop the first round game we will end up being at best an 8 and at worst a 10.

We DO NOT have depth at guard and it could be even worse if CJ is hurt. Some of our fans talk about us having good depth but that is a fallacy. We have to many guys at the 4 and even 3, but very few guards and bigs. We do not have the guard depth to play 2-3 games over 3-4 days with the way trapping man, switches and pressing wears down our limited guards. Good guards like Chiozza can wreck our trapping man with drives or passes to open 3 shooters.

Treat, I’m not one of the guys who usually goes after you, but that highlighted portion isn’t true. About the time SEC play started everyone realized we didn’t have a lot of depth on this year’s team. I haven’t seen one person, other than you just now say that this year. Now, many, including myself, have said next year we will have it.

I respectfully disagree that EVERYONE realized we don’t have depth at guard. I have been talking about it since CJ’s slump.

That’s about the time SEC play started.

Yes indeed.

The hogs got the seed by earning it ( 6 )
I would have rather seen the hogs beat Missouri and have the 4 seed. There’s nothing good that come out of playing the winner of South Carolina and Ole Miss. Florida will have K. Allen go off for them again! All we can hope for is to get them in foul trouble. We will have to outscore them because they will run their motion that leads to lay ups and dunks and wide open 3’s.
We may be due to beat the gators but it won’t be a cake walk. First the hogs need to focus on winning that first game!

Absolutely Agree

Mike White vs. Mike Anderson… Your choice of Mike’s ?

That’s a pretty weird post. You ok, bro?

We’re in the tournament. The big one, not the one is St. Looie. What happens this week isn’t going to matter very much. Maybe one seed line either way. Most of the field is set Saturday night before the Sunday conference finals. Losing to the Chickens or Rebnecks isn’t the way you wanna go into the Dance, but otherwise no big deal. Losing to the Wallets, even less so.

I think Arkansas is much better suited to play Florida than either Tennessee or Kentucky.

If KeVaughn goes off again, Florida will probably win.

If he plays like he has most of this season, Arkansas will have a solid shot

I wish we’d have beaten MU. If one win was going to improve our chances, that one would have meant more than a win Thursday. That said, I think it’s important to win Thursday. Not sure a win will help our seeding, but a loss could hurt it. A loss to UF on Friday won’t hurt us. A win might help some.

I agree it doesn’t matter much beyone that. Even if we were to win the SECT, I don’t see us getting to a 4 or 5 seed. Five, maybe, but I doubt it. I think 6 is about our best bet, but 7 is a bit more likely. I don’t think we’ll fall to an 8 or 9–certainly don’t want to, but I think we need to win at least one in the SECT to avoid that.

I don’t want to play Sunday unless I know we’ll win Sunday. I don’t want to be tired going into next weekend. Four straight days this week isn’t a good way to be fresh next—especially if we get into a region that starts on Thursday & we’re shipped to some distant place.

I want the Hogs to win this SECT. I don’t see how that would hurt their chances in the NCAA. Their confidence level would make up for any fatigue. IMO

What I wanted didn’t happen the #4 seed to where the hogs would face Kentucky after they had to play on Thursday!
I don’t want Kentucky to win the SEC Touranment.
I want the hogs to win! We will know Sunday who, what, where and after the first game we can all look at how and how much! This is a great time of the year to be a hog fan! We are all lucky Mike Anderson came back to the hill!