HY's game by game decision chart

4 progress-will know when we see it-been awhile
3 maintaining-keeps job with a thorough plan for improvement
2 needs improvement-need to get my short list updated
1 sending out 3rd party feelers
0 rock bottom-replace immediately can’t live here.

So HUGE for CCM & team the next two games…going into the BYE week after to build on
momentum from two victories. Will it happen? :sunglasses:

If my memory is correct, this is pretty close scenario to when JR’s favorite coach got his
1st SEC win.

Pretty close except the 2014 Hogs were 4-5, had a future NFL QB starting, and had been steadily improving that season.

This team is regressing and as unsettled at QB as any Hog team I can remember absent injuries at the position.

Of course the 2014 LSU team was much better than the 2019 MSU squad.

Check…they had beaten the San Joses…then two shutouts in a row. It was great, I remember
thinking it was the start of great things…well, we’ll try again tomorrow.