Hypothetical question

Maybe a dumb one.

Say an LSU player takes a long 3. It’s an air ball. JWill catches the air ball.

It’s not really a rebound. It’s not really a steal. But if the air ball shot had been judged a pass (maybe an alley-oop attempt), would that be different? If JWill gets inside position and cuts in front of the possible alley-op recipient, is that a steal?

Does JWill get any stat at all if it’s just an air ball? Is there a scorer’s decision?

I had that same thought
Scorer’s decision I would think
To me it’s a rebound

It would be a quick trip to the bench if LSU player played for Muss.

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I THINK it’s a rebound.

If it’s judged a shot, it’s a rebound. The box score has to justify. Same number of missed shots as rebounds. Air balls are shots.

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