Hypothetical Question

Which of the two (only choices) would you rather for the end of this basketball season:

  1. The Hogs make it to the “big dance” but lose in the first round, or
  2. The Hogs miss the “big dance” but then go on to win the NIT?
  1. No question. Gotta get to the dance. Every year there are upsets in the first round, and teams that are seeded a lot higher than 10-11-12 go home.

The good news is that at 19-7, we don’t have to worry about option 3, which is missing the NIT as well.

Go to the Big Dance. Even if we lose the first game, the players returning for next year need the taste and experience of being in the Big Dance. Could propel them to making a deep run next year.

Go to the dance period. The players should expect to be in the Dance every year and work for it. We will have a lot of these guys back next year and it will only help even if they get put out in the first game. I hope they get off the 8-9 line where chances are more favorable to get to the sweet 16. It is possible with this bunch. They will have to play with fire

NCAA tournament for sure. I’m not sure how pumped this team would be making the NIT when the expectations were to make the big dance.

Only time I would say the NIT is good thing is if you have a young team where expectations weren’t that high, but you ended up playing really well but came up short of making NCAA tournament. A good example of that would be like Tennessee or Alabama in our conference. I still think Tennessee can sneak in NCAA tournament, however even if they don’t the NIT wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for them. They are really young and most of those guys would benefit from the additional games, and since they are so young most of them would be excited to play those extra games, knowing they have a few more shots at the big dance.

Auburn would really be helped by making the NIT they are young. Tennessee has had some near misses letting the North Carolina get get away late losing that lead.
Geogia has blown a lot of games. Ole Miss plays about like the hogs have hit and until this last 6 game stretch. The SEC is not as well as the pundits think. The Big 12 is overrated. The SEC needs to play a challenge against the the ACC and Big 10 as well as continue the Big 12 challenge.

Going to the dance means more on the recruiting trail, it’s another rung up on the ladder and next step is second round if you are eliminated in the first round. MA has been lights out of late in recruiting and going to the dance might just be what it takes to get some one off the fence down the road. WPS