Hypothetical for the Board

Let’s say Jeff Long has a meeting with CBB.

He tells him he doesn’t care what is record is the rest of the year. Next year is guaranteed. But you have to go at least 9 - 3 next year or you will probably be terminated.

Who plays? Whose red shirts do you burn?

I’ve always wondered if it is really better for younger players to play when they may not be physically/mentally ready. Do you see more of Clary, Adcock, Clenin? Different QB? Burn the red shirts for the safeties we got last year?

I remember Troy Aikman rookie year. He took a beating, but claimed it helped in the long run.

I don’t think there is an AD that would ever say it doesn’t matter what happens the rest of the year.

But if I was going to try and win this season, I would do it with my best players that I thought I had, not who the media or the fans thought I should start.

The offense needs to have the creativity that it had during the Texas A&M game throughout a contestt.

The defense has played ok one week, horrible the next.

I put Saturday’s loss on the offense, but obviously the defense could have played better as well

I understand.

I guess my real question is it really better to play younger players if they aren’t fully ready? Just for the experience?

Lot people on the board seem to be calling for that today.

It’s best to play the players who give you the best chance to win, taking into account injuries, experience, attitude, strength, speed, etc. I don’t agree with starting a player for the sole reason of getting him ready for next year. As Herm Edwards says, you play to win the game.