Hypothetical for board and what would CSP do?

if we would have made the 2 point try, it would have been called back for illegal substitution. Do you repeat for 2 or kick and go OT? sign of disorganization which was disturbing but solvable. Was it a sign of over complexity to have to get the right personnel on and failing. I would kick and go OT.

They called ineligible man downfield, not illegal substitution. See the play by play below.

he must have tapped his shoulder, I thought he tapped his head which corresponds to penalty. I stand corrected, but the same decision is involved.

Going from 3 to 8 yards away, I think no question he kicks. That’s just too far to make in one play. Kick and go to OT, give yourself a chance.

Tapping head is ineligible downfield. Tapping chest is illegal substitution.

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