should we not run a scheme to get the most talented players on the field?? On D we are strong at Edge/DE in good numbers, have 3 LBr’s with SEC skills and zilch at DT and crummy depth at DB. So how does an umbrella with 3 down get the most talent on the field? I have ultimate confidence that Coach Odom can design, implement and make believers in a new scheme. However, he has put 3 years in a system that the kids know the lingo and can get in position, even if the results suck til you can get the more tacklers on the field.

No portal help at DL right now and DB needs are an injury mystery right now so what to recruit to not feel fated that we have to outscore our opponents to win remains. We are not alone in this suffering and there should be some DL Aggies in the portal with talent joining their Aubrie DB brethren who are opting out fast these days. Do we hold onto the 3 down scheme and assume we can find another Ridgeway to make us a defensive force to reckon with or can we come up with a scheme to get our skilled Edge guys on the field in more than 2 positions?

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