HY son arrested for

DUI this morning. He registered .0178 on breathalyzer test well above the allowed .008 by the state. I hate this for the young man and for HY. As CSP has said many times have fun but be smart!

Had the Fake ID too.

I’ll give him a pass. You can’t say “act like you’ve been there before” when we haven’t gotten a home SEC W since it seems like the Carter Administration


To me, the fake ID is over the limit.

All DUI’s are stupid, but college kids have an extra dose of stupid. I’m sure he’s embarrassed. I’m more certain his dad’s embarrassed. Fortunately, he wasn’t in a wreck where someone was hurt.


I think he used his brothers. Right or wrong thousands of kids at the UofA have fake IDs. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating.

still doesn’t make it right!

fake ID’s were a big deal when I was in school, now they are rampant. I guess the age of social media/computer technology makes is easier, but I would estimate a VERY large percentage of college dudes have fake ID’s. wouldn’t be surprised at all if 50% of them do. it’s crazy.

That is amazing, my age gap is even wider than I thought.

Well, you ought to be able to buy liquor at age 18, so you would not have to do all that to get a drink. If you can serve in the armed forces and put your butt on the line, you should be able to get a drink.

The dumb thing is driving your own vehicle. Get a ride.

Going rate is $300 - a bunch come from China.

What is the drinking age in Arkansas? In my day, most of the state was dry, I did think that was silly.

The drinking age was lowered from 21 to 18 for a few years in several states back in the 70’s but it was raised back. As I recall, not many states were happy with the younger drinking age. Like it or not, 18~20 year olds act less responsibly than people above that age.

There but for the grace of God…


When I was in college in Monticello (cira 69) we would load up and head to Monroe LA because the drinking age was 18. How we made it back without serious injury or death is amazing.

The young man will learn his lesson and be just fine.

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The legal limit for over 21 is .08. For under 21 is .02. I don’t know what he blew but I know the legal limits as I’ve posted.

When I was in high school I had the fakest ID in the history of fake ID’s. It wasn’t just low tech, it was literally a cut and paste job. Yet it worked most of the time. Different era. I’ll defer to HY and SP on this one. An awkward situation for both I’m sure.

For UA, it was Galena and Pittsburg, Kansas. Pittsburg had the girls and beer. We had a designated driver. Campus cops pulled us over in Fayetteville. Four drunks but a sober driver. Driver explained that the four were legal when they drank it. Campus cop offered to help him get us to our dorm rooms. Probably doesn’t happen like that now.

We had a designated driver on our trips to Monroe thankfully. The designated driver never took a sip. And later in life he became an alcoholic. The rest of us drink very little now.

.178 or also known as Benintendi’s BA this year for the Red Sox

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However, this was not a fake ID. It was his brother’s real ID. A real ID. Not sure why everyone is posting about a fake ID.

Carrying his brother’s ID seems like he planned for this in case he gets caught. Not a mistake most college kids make.

What will Pittman do?