HY said yesterday on the radio

That his intention was to reduce BWA capacity as little as possible during the upcoming renovation, but that they don’t have a firm plan yet for the renovation.

He also said concerts at Baum-Walker were under consideration.


The media takes up too many seats. I imagine that’s the easiest area to overhaul to make up for seats lost with the LOGE boxes.

Oh really? What is your criteria for deciding how many media seats are too many? They already took them off courtside, put them in a corner and replaced them with fatcat seats.

There are several empty media seats at every game. I sit right next to that section.

From what I can tell, lots of the media covers the game by watching TV

I think I saw DD once (maybe twice) last year.

I never saw Wally Hall.

Point is, there aren’t that many media seats anyway, filled or not. Getting rid of them would not solve this issue.

And you’re not likely to see _ally either.

I don’t know how HY and the architects are going to create more premium seats without reducing capacity, unless they’re actually going to raise the roof and put a ring of suites and clubs around the upper deck.

Not all of those seats are for reporters/TV folks. Some are designated for UA communications and the social media team.

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Also statisticians and members of the TV production.

If the aforementioned hack (_ally _all) did attend you’d have to look down to see that runt.

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Or look under a rock


They aren’t. Hunter told me that, which I referenced in my post last week. The goal is to minimize the number of seats that are eliminated.

He also said in his radio interview last week that they are looking to add more student seating along the sidelines.

I know it will have to be reduced some, but if they load the upper deck with suites/club seats, for instance, it will have to be reduced significantly.

I think there is a real concern, and we’ve had some comments about that recently in regard to Baum, that in maximizing revenue we’re going to sacrifice the home-court/field advantage.

My criteria would start with one seat per media member. I don’t care how many media member there are. But right now they take up a section of about 100 seats for, on average, 10 members of the media at each game. If I’m wrong, someone tell me. But from my vantage at every game, that looks about right.

Fine, but they are empty, aren’t they? A lot of wasted space. But that’s not what bothers me. They have tables that cover 8 seats but service 3 people.

They can’t change the number of media seats for every game. And some games are going to get more media interest than others (Auburn and Kentucky this year, for instance).

Man, I honestly have no idea if who is assigned to those seats shows up. I do know I sat on my row with at least three other people – sometimes more – every home game. They really spaced out the seating on each row during the covid season and didn’t change it much last season.

I got spoiled sitting courtside in Buffalo and San Fran. I’ll miss that during the next regular season.

Makes sense but they can make them elect within 24 hours if they’ll attend and if not sell the ticket or give it to muss to give to someone. Either way I think there’s room there to cut out seats for premium seating. That’s my main point.

If that holds true, more student seating on the sidelines, then click my heels and hand salute to HY.
UA…Campus of Champions

They need to concentrate the suites behind the students, across from the team benches, so that their seats are raised to see over the mostly standing students and so they are “out of sight” mostly from the broadcast cameras. You can still ring the back of the lower seating with expanded suites that come out more under the upper level, but that will be less noticeable because you are just taking what’s already there and moving it forward. You make more suites by making them deeper and narrower so you get more in the same length all the way around the arena. The big payoff will be the wall of mega suites behind the students and centered on the court. These could be like the north endzone seats in RRS, stepping back with luxury open seating in front of glassed in lounges. You put the media in one corner by the mega suites and the visiting teams seats in the other corner so they are out of sight of the cameras too. The increased presence of the rabid students close to the court will compensate for the fat cats sitting on their hands behind them waiting to be entertained so you decrease the damping down of the home court advantage that more premium seats have created in Baum Walker. JMVVVVVHO

Interesting concept, which got me to think about what I would do if I were running the project.

  • Move the benches and scorer’s table to the other side of the court. TV would then be at the scorer’s table, which shouldn’t be an issue; it was there for years.

  • Convert the current courtside seating on that side to club seating, accessible through that vomitory.

  • Move the students to the other side with Gucci Row in front of them. I count 10 rows of retractable seating on that side. Turn all of the retractable seating in sections 115, 117, 118, 119 and 120 into the new Trough, plus 109-113 so they’re behind the opponents’ basket in the second half. Put the band in the corner of 122-123.

  • More club seating in front of the existing suites in 102, 101, 136, 135 and 133.

  • Since you’ve given the students a lot more courtside seating, you can do club seating, or suites, or both, in portions of the upper deck that were previously student sections.