HY needs to worry about fans

I hear concern over losing players and/or recruits if HY cans CCM. These current players either are not talented , smart or motivated. So I’m not concerned if they want to leave. The ones that are at UA for right reason will stick it out. I want the men that want to be Hogs. CCM has had plenty of time to at least give us fans a glimmer of hope. So far he has laid a big fat goose egg. He has lost numerous games that I believe any of our previous coaches would have won. The majority of fans have checked out and entered the IDGAD phase which is a death sentence for the program. Gonna lose a lot of money either now or later but I don’t see anything positive happening with CCM. Let him finish the season but please send him back to TX.

But as has been pointed out by some, Morris is the victim of an already exhausted fan base. Bielema was given a pretty big rope that he eventually hanged himself with. Morris isn’t getting that from some of the fan base because we haven’t been the team we want for some time. I don’t think it’s fair to Yurachek or Morris, for the fans to demand some immediate action that might be worse.

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But you can’t ignore the fact that we are headed for possibly another 2-10 season. At some point, no matter how good you can recruit, that your loved in Texas, have connection down there, and can build relationships, if you continue to lose, the recruits WILL start ignoring you. I just don’t see CCM surviving another season like that unless he cleans house on his coaching staff. Still believe terminating Morris after this season would be unwise, but he has only himself to blame if it happens.

He will be 0-16 in SEC games after this season and has lost to several patsies. How much worse can it get? No excuse for his record and total joke he puts on field every Saturday. All we ask is a glimmer of hope and optimism. The fall used to be the greatest time of year. I miss those days.

I’m ignoring nothing, but I’m not “putting the cart before the horse” either. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, can’t be a logical excuse to fire someone.

How do you know? Proclaiming failure isn’t a given.

How much worse can it get? You want a list? The grass is not always greener.

Calling the team a joke isn’t necessary.

I do have a glimmer of hope and optimism. I do see improvement but not in the W/L column which I know is the most important yet.

*The current shape or our football program sucks. Almost all the blame for the current mess lies at the feet of Jeff Long. After he fired Petrino, his choice for interim head coach was John L. Smith. He then hired Brett Bielema. I don’t think he could could have hired worse coaches than those two.

Morris has yet to have any success in his coaching tenure at Arkansas. His best win was over a very mediocre Colorado State team. His best loss may have been to a mid pack Texas A & M team this year. His recruiting last year was remarkably good considering his team’ s 2-10 record. His current recruiting class is shrinking after every bad loss. He still has huge problems with the offensive line and his quarterback play is at best poor. The recurring failures in the red zone are indefensible.

Chavis and his defense are pitiful. When the opponents make adjustments, we continue to play our original game plan despite it not stopping our opponents adjusted game plan. When you allow a wide receiver playing quarterback to gash the defense and don’t load the box to stop the
run, you can’t expect to win. I do believe that good defense is more dependent on talent on the field and his defensive talent is not SEC ready.

People are really sick of bad losing football. This fact makes both Yurachek and Morris under the gun. The reservoir of goodwill is dry. Long, Smith and Bielema have ruined Razorback Football and Morris is not capable of fixing the program. We certainly don’t need to fire Morris now and I hope that he can still hold the team together after Auburn and Alabama. He desperately needs to win the WKY and Ms State games to have a chance of keeping his job. Even the best recruiters can’t overcome 2-10 records and 2 years of 2-10 just won’t attract highly rated recruits.

I hope that Morris can have a good recruiting class and can win 2 more games. If he can do this, I think that we need to try to keep him simply for continuity and the fact that most coaching changes disrupt the team and it takes a few more years of floundering. We have floundered more than enough and we need to escape the cellar of the SEC. Yes, Hunter, we have a problem.

Do you really think he is NOT worried about the fans?

Per some on this board, fan apathy isn’t a concern of the athletic department.

ricemab nailed it in his first paragraph.

If we were showing improvement would make most fans have Hope. Petrino’s first year was 5-7 but we improved throughout the year and beat LSU the last game. That left a good taste in our mouths. This yr we don’t seem to be improving at all, very very frustrating.

mack Brown also had back to back 1-10 seasons at North Carolina before he got it rolling there his first time.

ut could not get rid of Mack Brown soon enough during his last few years there. He could keep the alumni happy but had lost the passion to coach.

UofA experienced a recent 1% drop in enrollment which also means a drop in revenues. Not sure how much of that disinterest by high school students in UofA is due to bad football, but colleges with good & exciting football attract students.

For every Mack Brown at UNC I can give you 10 coaches that failed their first two years and kept failing until they got bounced.

Called the exception to the rule.

Jackson sure must be nice to have a mind made up closed case it is complete. Glad I don’t work with you.

I can show others also. You have made your point known you want him gone. It ain’t happening anytime soon. Kick the horse somewhere else.

I’ll continue making it if I wish - I don’t tell to you what the Hell to do and you won’t tell me either. I guess you can but I won’t be heeding your advice.

By the way, my mind is not made up. I think keeping him and firing him are both likely lousy choices… question is which is worse?

Another thing that could make or break Morris is how many empty seats are we going to see the rest of the year. Then, how many season tickets are going to be sold next year if we end up 2-10 or 3-9 especially if we don’t see any improvement by the end of the year. People are not going to have any HOPE for the future.

Loss of students is happening nationwide at every university. My wife works at a university and it has more to do with the loss of baby boomers and cost than anything else.

Something to think about or I do is our schedule is always brutal, but next year looks really brutal to me. Hate to be CM or a new coach with what we got and what we got coming. Unless huge strides are made,could see another 3 win season next year…then what?