HY is Brilliant!

So, LK was never his target, all he did was make Ole Miss overpay …

BLJ, is a smokescreen to make us really love the new guy …

We will be absolutely floored on new hire …

Just waiting until all the games are over on Sunday …

Note: This public announcement was brought to you completely without using any sources.


Like it!

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Great having either Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer at UofA.

We always knew HY would surprise us with a great hire.

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I can’t believe he got outbid or outplayed or outflanked by those blowhards in Oxford. That would not sit well with anybody in this state. Maybe he will bring us an outstanding coach. He better.

Got to believe it’s a blessing in disguise.

That’s what happens when you are paying one and possibly two fired coaches buyouts.

Then HY shouldn’t make a statement the the chief financial officer said the finances were in place to make a hire and the fire. Like he did.

He may have dug himself a hole he can’t climb out of

I don’t think we’re in a hole. Now, it is possible this job is such a dumpster fire nobody wants it but I don’t think its about money.

I personally don’t think so either. Especially with all of the rumblings that some boosters were ready to help out with more.

I think it’s likely more of a - HY just whiffed.

But we will find out soon.

I thought he only said to make a good hire? They do have the money to make a good hire as long as the money doesn’t climb too high.

It is definitely a dumpster fire that most coaches want nothing to do with.

Drink seems to really want it AND seems to be most qualified of the ones who want and would take the job

We can all say go hire kiffin urban fickell et al. They gotta say yes.

Seems that drink wants to say yes and appears qualified

Never crazy about LK. I think his and Ole Miss’s character are more of a perfect match.

It’s always about money. Everything is about money. That’s why Kiffin is at Ole Miss, he wanted more money, and talent. The question is whose money are we talking about, the university’s, the foundation, or big time boosters’?

So you think he’s going to purposely make a bad hire?

I think he will do his best to make a good hire no matter what, just not sure he’s going to.

We will see, nothing is known.

But HY probably shouldn’t have played this so quiet, if he ends up hiring someone like Drink. If he hires Lunney, he’s got to go, he wasn’t ready for an SEC football search.

Very little of the money is the university’s money. We’re talking money flowing from the foundation, which is why its ridiculous there’s any involvement from the BOT at all.

Agree, they should have no say, in my mind. I know it’s the norm. But the AD shouldn’t have to answer to a Board of know nothings on a football hire

That’s how I feel.

The BOT still can use it’s oversight power because the hire represents the university. Hopefully they will use that power judicially and not simply meddling. They should have a vested interest, it just doesn’t need to be abused.

Yep, how often do they do that with other departments at the UA?

Does the BOT approve all facility upgrades that are made possible through donation to the foundation? If so why would they not want the most highly qualified coach and staff at the University?