HY and Sam getting ready for the game tonight


In some ways I guess this does not seem like much and a little silly. OK, maybe. I think it is important in that it shows support for all programs and it also just continues to show the real person that is Sam. Will it win a big basketball game or a football game. No, but it is sure not going to hurt and I bet the students love getting a Wopper from Sam.

I love it. I bet Muss does too.

That is fantastic.

Fantastic. We need those student all hyped up for the game tonight.

Aloha Jim,

According to my son CSP was a whooper of a hit tonight! He and his friends were happy with the free food but got a bigger kick in meeting CSP.



I bet! I think CSP is just as real as it gets. Seems like the kind of guy you would like to have a beer with or better yet, a whole evening. You can also tell he likes doing this stuff and mixing with the kids. He is a real gem.


He is genuine, what you see is what you get. I really enjoy him. It’s a shame that we weren’t able to really talk with him this year following, or just before, his radio shows.

I was just trying to imagine Holtz doing that before a basketball game. And couldn’t. Lou couldn’t be bothered with stuff like that. A few of our other football HCs wouldn’t have done it either, IMO.

Rather than focus on coaches no longer here, we all likely have feelings on who were positive representatives of the University, I prefer commenting on the fact that this group of Coaches, seem to be very supportive of each other and into the energy and excitement of college sports.

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That was my point, that Sam is supportive where some others weren’t.

Sorry, my post was poorly written, did not intend to critique anyone, just wiping some of the less than personable coaches out of my discussion and recognizing that it seems we have a group of coaches who seem genuinely supportive of each other.

Wish there was video of Sam handing out Whoppers.

I wouldn’t doubt that Muss will return the favor in some way this spring or next fall.

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