HY and Coach Muss

I know it’s been said, but as we go into the weekend I want to reiterate that HY made a helluva hire with Coach Muss. I can already tell and I’m sure many of you agree. The competence HY displayed in that process ought to give us great confidence that he will do it again in football. This is something to get very excited about, regardless of who he actually hires.

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True, and he was extremely hush hush till the very end some things came out more publicly, so I question some of these early predictions.

I think it’s a bit too early for this kind of glowing assessment, along with only 2 home wins against so-so teams. But, I’d say the needle is pointing towards a good move.

We know we will lose some games due to playing small ball, what I like so far is the defense and HOW the kids are playing.

How they are playing AND what appears to be possibly an amazing recruiting class…

While I am VERY IMPRESSED so far with Coach Muss, I think we should all take a second before we anoint him the second coming of NR or ES. He is two games into his first year coaching the Razorbacks. I am sure before the season is over, there will be some on the board complaining about something he did and questioning his ability.

I haven’t heard anyone make comparisons to NR or ES. And there will always be grumbling on the message boards. While a small set of data in a couple of games, the score spread and defense in those games leads me to believe he knows what he is doing and the players are bought in. There is hunger there, which was the ultimate downfall of the football team.

I don’t have high expectations for muss this year. We lack a lot, especially size which everyone agrees on. So far, through his 2 game tenure and the off season, there are things I really like.

Marketing. Anderson never marketed our program imho. Muss has reached out to the students, muss bus etc, he’s supporting the other programs. He’s taken to innovative recruiting, embraced the internet the kids love, recruiting seems to be going a bit better than expected. He’s adapting to the kids he has rather than force them into a system they are ill equipped for. Btw, check out the football coach we just fired. It’s apparent with our own eyes kids are actually boxing out. Will we be out rebounded at times, of course, but I see a difference. So far, three point percentage defense is the totally opposite of what we’ve seen in the past. I really like what I see and hear and read. Not anointing him yet either.

But it’s a breath of fresh air. Hope it continued

Do you have any thoughts on who our next FB coach will be that you care to share? You may have already let it be known but I haven’t read all the threads. WPS