HY about to Rhule the day!

Watch and see. WPS

I would be ecstatic

That would be incredible.

But we can’t have nice things

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I don’t believe that. Baylor is a much better job right now. It’d thrill me, but it’s not happening.

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Don’t see Rhule making a lateral move from a potential playoff team to Arkansas.

I can’t find anything about how much he makes after he signed the extension. A list from last year says he only makes $1 million per. If AR goes $4 million per, it might be hard for him to say no

Private school, won’t ever find it. Rumored to have a top 5 buyout in college football

Very possible

Not saying I wouldn’t like him because I would. But he doesn’t check the box with SEC experience. He has done great rebuilding the program.

Rhule came into this season making $4.25M and signed an extension with a raise in September.

Matt Rhule and David Shaw wouldn’t fit the “SEC Experience”, but I don’t think anyone would complain with either:

And let me be clear, I don’t think we would land either

I know he signed the extension, only thing I could find on his pay was $1 million per.

But if he’s making $4.25 he’s obviously out.

And before anyone says anything about Shaw, in 2017 he reported making over $5. Don’t think he’s realistic either.

#26 on the salary list

Shaw’s $4.6M on the same list.


Here is what I found on Shaw, it was 2015 not 17. Total compensation $5.6 million


I’m sure that includes bonuses as well

Rhule wants to return to the NFL so will go in that direction after Baylor. Would not surprise me to see Riley or Rhule as Cowboy HC after this season.

I can’t think of one good reason why Rhule or Shaw would take this job.


I don’t disagree with you Dudley, but (and I said this during the b-ball search) what does it hurt to ask?

They have as much chance being coach as I do.

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