Hurts to OU … ou-alabama


Not surprised. They’re a contender & he’s good enough to start there.

Why not, OU is becoming Heisman QB U.
Now let’s see how many more OU QB’s hit the portal.
As the portal turns.

Posted this a week ago

I thought it would be Miami & Enos. But OU makes more since to get drafted higher.
Business decision.

I always thought that he would look for a place with a chance to win it all next year.

Oklahoma has a shot to do that, Miami does not.

Well their backup QB, Austin Kendall, hit the portal last week. They have no one left to hit the portal.

Ahh, probably as soon as he heard Hurts could be on the way.

You know Hurts would love for Oklahoma to meet Alabama in the CFB playoffs next year. So would I…

What a wonderfully written statement from a great young man! I’m not an OU fan at all, but I have become a fan of Jalen and the way he handles himself. And I certainly feel he made the best decision for his future and wish him well.

Okies are very fortunate to get this young man.

Figured we would see this pretty quickly after Tate from Ohio State announced he was heading to Miami. Good for OU, I guess.

Great article written by a great young man. Truly wish him the best.

The rich get richer.

What a class act! He will excell in life because of his beliefs, values and character. I never pull for OU but I will pull for Jalen Hurts, a quality human being.

I did not appreciate or know what class young man he is.I am tremendously impressed with his statement. His mom and dad must be extremely proud they have raised a son of such character and faith.

Wow! I’m speechless. If this football thing doesn’t work out, someone is going to get one helluva public relations man.

bumhorn fans are crying! love it! :lol:

Can’t believe they got out-bid… the young man does a sense of taste.