Hurricane watch party

It seems to happen too often, but this weekend I will be dealing with Hurricane Irma during a football weekend. Cheer loud for those of us who are dealing with something more important than wins and losses. Just hoping the electricity in south Florida lasts through the game. Hoping the Hogs give me some good news on a weekend when not much good news is expected in South Florida.


track looking much worse for me… where you at ?

I always say normalcy is a blessing. This is exactly what I mean.

Hoping for a safe weekend for you LT. Take care.

I’m in Stuart. There are actually quite a few Hog fans down here. Don’t know how many stayed in south Florida verses how many evacuated, but there are several of them. I’m staying.


prayers for you and your relatives in Ft.Pierce and Vero Beach .tried to get them to come visit Arkansas but,being from Connecticut originally…they decided to stay and ride it out

My prayers are with you. We have family in Orlando and they always ride the storms out.
I hope you are able to watch the games and hope this hurricane takes a sharp turn to the east.
Get back on the board and let us know how things go. Looking forward to hearing that your safe.

In West Palm, hoping the game is over before we get to the hunkering down stage…

I’m out in the Acreages, was supposed to fly to XNA tomorrow on that cheap Allegiant flight out of Sanford and come back Monday. Hate that I am going to miss it, but the wife would not be happy if she had to try to figure out how to get the generator started and rewire the well pump for 110V to get he water going Sunday. If the flight did make it back Monday I’d probably get here and find all my stuff floating in the flood water…

Hope everyone weathers the storm safely.

I’m in Coral Gables so we’ll be hunkered down

south of tampa
just said good bye to wife and kids
sent back to arkansas

my job keeping me here.
recent change in storm track puts me under mandatory evacuation…not until after the game

Been through a number of hurricanes and several floods since moving to Baton Rouge from Arkansas, but nothing comparable to what the forecasters are saying that you all are going to get. Very concerned for the safety of those of you in South Florida who decided to stay and “hunker down”. Best of luck to all of you!!! (And do let us know that you made it through!)

The storm is pretty much over in Stuart. We did not get the eye here, but it was a pretty rough storm. Have. Few trees down, my fence is down, and we have been without electricity for about 13 hours. Anybody on the west coast of Florida, or in the Keys, is probably in bad shape. We are safe. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. It was sad to see the Hogs loss, but today we are just happy things are not worse in our area than they are.