Hunter Yurachek on Ruscin & Zach

Couple of things of note Hunter Yurachek said on Ruscin & Zach earlier this afternoon:

  • Scotty Thurman is the only assistant coach who has an opportunity to be retained by Eric Musselman. T.J. Cleveland and Melvin Watkins have been let go.

“Scotty is the only coach right now that’s still a member of the staff and has been engaged in workouts and recruiting since coach Musselman has arrived. Whether that’s long term or short term, I think that’s up to how coach Musselman and Scotty kind of get along and connect, but right now, Scotty would be the only one who has an opportunity to be retained.”

  • In regards to Nolan Richardson Court: "We haven’t set a date yet, but our plan is to have kind of a tip-off event to the 2019-20 season where we’ll have something where we can bring back not just one team from the coach Richardson era but several teams and players and people associated with coach Richardson, and really have a nice event for him as we tip off the season.

“It’ll be permanently on the court when it is, and it’ll be on there to start the season, so we’ll time up an event sometime in probably late October or early November. We’re still working on a date for that. There will be something special where the focus will just be on coach Richardson and what he meant to this institution as our head basketball coach.”

Perfect. Exactly as it should be. Maybe on a Friday night before a home football game? In conjunction with the BBall Red-White game? Before one of the two Exhibition Games?

Scottie, what separates Scotty from TJ and Watkins? Why Scotty?

Basketball smarts and recruiting. Most high school basketball players in this part of the country know of Scotty.

Scotty got a dozen yrs or so of overseas pro ball as well. He’s got a wide range of basketball experience and contacts that’s not all fastest 40/40 minutes of hell. TJ knows nothing but that. Watkins likely older than what we’re looking for imo.

Like others have said, wide-ranging experience, knowledge of the game, recruiting and I think his standing in the program’s history.

I think it has something to do with TJ and Watkins were most connected with the old regime. They want to have minimum leftover from the old regime and that is the right thing to do.

Watkins has more wide ranging experience and knowledge of the game than Scotty and TJ combined.

Agree with the recruiting part and fan acceptance.

It will be interesting if Watkins and Cleveland end up at St Johns.

Scotty isn’t Mike’s nephew, for one.

I doubt Watkins or TJ had any desire to stay at Arkansas under a different coach anyway.

It’s a possibility. I know TJ was in Brooklyn yesterday. He tweeted a video of DeMarre Carroll working out Thursday well ahead of Game 3 of the 76ers-Nets playoff series.