Hunter Y. and Coach Anderson's Job.....

I think he is stubborn.
I also think he is a fighter. He has said this himself. Remember the “bear story” from his intro when he got the job?
I never said he was “struggling with his past”.
I just think he believes his way of doing things is the right way and is inflexible. And I think he would view it as a failure if he admitted he needed to change.

But I am going to back off from further confrontation. I should have never mentioned anything regarding race. I had a hard time expressing what I was trying to convey, and it really came out differently from where I was thinking.

I gotcha, you explained it well this time. And while I don’t all the way agree about him not making adjustments, you make a good point when you say he wants things done his way, he does, but so do a lot of coaches, but I fully understand the point you’re trying to make now, thanks for clearing it up. It’s easy to take stuff out of context sometimes typing it, I probably jumped on you a little too fast there, that’s my mistake.

Best post on this topic and one I can get behind. WPS

“Sweet 16 or better by 2021, you have to cut ties…”

Geez, we’re not spoiled are we? Sweet 16 is very, very, VERY hard to do. Less than 5% of the teams in the country make the Sweet 16 every year. It’s hard enough to make the NCAAT; less than 20% get there and of those, more than half are at-large. I agree that NCAAT is a reasonable (meaning reasonably tough) target and we should expect to be there most of the time. CMA has been borderline on that, but I also recognize what a mess he had to clean up from the Heath/Pelphrey era. After that, it’s a coin flip. The refs (UNC two years ago?), the draw, one guy has the hot hand, or doesn’t…

If Mike moves on, I would expect HY to go after the guy he hired at Houston, Kelvin Sampson, who is doing a decent job down there at 23-1 or whatever. Sampson had his NCAA issues, largely related to phone calls to recruits, but he has not been linked to player-buying or academic fraud.

Donovan is in the NBA; he ain’t coming back to college. And Pitino is damaged goods. There’s a reason he’s coaching in Greece now; nobody in the US will touch him.

Swine, Hunter Yurachek did not hire Kelvin Sampson. He inherited him. Mack Rhoades was the Houston AD that hired Sampson

Wasn’t 100% sure about that, and didn’t wanna take the time to research. But HY certainly knows Sampson very well regardless.

Yes he does. Sampson got there for the 2014 season and Yurachek started the in April 2015.

What I mean about the NCAA is that, although there are 68 spots, 31 of them are not available to us because they go to champions of other leagues. So we have to win the SECT, or get one of the 36 at-large spots. Which means there is less than an 11% probability that we get one of the spots available to us (37 out of 353). Same probability applies to every other team, since there are no independents any more, although the chances of a mid-major snagging one of those at-large spots are a lot less than ours as an SEC member because of strength of schedule. We’re doing better than 1 in 9 NCAA bids, and did under Heath and Pel as well (6 out of 16 since Nolan got fired).

If you narrow it down to the Power 6 conferences (including the Big East which has won two of the last three titles), there are 75 teams in those six leagues. Six automatic bids obviously, which leaves 69 teams fighting for at-large. Last year 37 Power 6 teams got in, so 31 at-large out of those 69 Power 6 teams. That makes it more of a 50/50 proposition, or 45/55. We got one last year. This year, stay tuned, but the last six days gave us a huge mountain to climb.

First, I don’t read the drivel on Hogville. Your drivel is about all I can handle. Second, you can attack me all you want, but I distinctly recall you rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic by incessantly defending Bielema. You try mightily to be the mature, “voice of reason” on this board. But in reality you are mostly just condescending, arrogant, and know very little. We’ll see what happens to Mike. But I sure won’t look to your posts for any guidance.