Hunter Wilson

The article says he will probably transfer after graduating. I know he wouldn’t be counted on to play everyday, but I’ll sure miss his cheerleading and enthusiasm.

There just is not a spot on the field for Hunter. He wants to play. I get it. He was close to the older guys and they moved on, too.

Dave Van Horn confirmed today that Wilson will transfer in the spring after receiving his degree from Arkansas: … -arkansas/

Hate to see a good young man like Wilson leave, but he saw the situation and decided to find more playing time elsewhere. Don’t blame him. Wish him well in his new place.

I don’t blame him for leaving but I really hate to see him go. I really like Hunter and I rooted hard for the young man. I understand he may get to start somewhere else but I think he could have helped the Razorback next year and maybe even ended up starting at an infield position (first base perhaps).

Wilson is transferring to Oral Roberts: … l-roberts/

ORU plays at Arkansas in April.