Hunter Wilson

I had to smile at his home run and the dramatic flip of his bat. He’s a good guy. It was fun watching him mess around with his old teammates. And we’ll probably never see the Hog fans give a nice ovation for an opposing players home run.

He made the correct decision by transferring. He’d be on the bench at Arkansas but he was a big part last year in keeping the team motivated.

Good to see him.

It would be nice if Cowboy was still a hog! I enjoy watching him cut up with his old teammates. He was a leader last year and stayed in the game on the bench by cheering and motivating. I admire DVH for
Being honest and not telling him he would play everyday. Good teams have players like Hunter Wilson!

Yes he cracks me up!! I smiled as well as he crushed that ball!

I interviewed Hunter after the game last night and wrote this on his return: … -memories/

I love the guy! he had the greatest atttiude while playing here and that’s rare for someone not playing much…I totally get why he was leaving and am proud he is doing well and that indeed was a bomb he hit…way to go Hunter! good luck to you.

Just too bad he didn’t get a hog hat crushed onto his head after the home run.

Good job by Matt to capture this moment. Pretty cool. I noticed that when Heston Kjerstad hit his second home run, Hunter stepped up close to his path around the bases and offered him a hand shake. How many times you see that from the opposition? Never. Of course, they are all such good friends.

Hunter’s homer had to be extremely special to him. Not necessarily that it was against the Hogs, but that it occurred at Baum. Some ball careers can be very short, that’s a memory he’ll be able to share for decades…about Fayetteville and his friends. It was a pretty cool thing to watch.