Hunter, we are waiting

HY made a good timely needed decision for men’s basketball.

He knows the time is now to change football coaches. He sees the empty seats and knows the declining number of razorback foundation members. He knows season tickets renewals will be way down because we,the fans, do not have hope. Cannot afford to buy out a bad hire? REALLY. Cannot afford not to. It’s just business, follow the money line and the decision is simple and evident. Guessing/hoping it is all in the details now and is already in the hands of the lawyers/agents. How this season will finish up and with what interim coach. HY did not make the decision to hire CM, but he will fix it. Rumors of other schools being interested in HY. Rumors of HY being interested in Wake Forest AD job…whatever. If he does not make the right decision on our current head football coach he is intelligent enough to know he could be looking for a job himself…from the unemployment line. He will do the right thing. And why should he wait, put the coaches out of their misery now.

Call for the check, Hunter Youracheck, gotta give us some kind of hope. And you know the time is now.

Gotta identify potential replacements and gauge their interest in this job. Gotta have a good hire.

It’s inevitable.

No way this can continue.

Hurts for a program lost for several years now.

But this is a level of bad that can’t be denied by anyone credible.

Just a heads up, HY has had feelers out. After Miss St, he told several BOT members that he had contacted at least three different coaches to gauge interest. So, HY is looking. Whether he fires Morris tomorrow or after Thanksgiving is a different question

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If the info is correct & HY is looking, I’m very glad of that. That means if we don’t replace CCM, it’s probably. because we can’t afford who we’d want or nobody we’d want is interested. As others pointed out in a thread a few days ago, we can afford to pay $3-4M. That will interest a lot of people. But I don’t know all the factors.

BTW, I hate the thought of firing a coach after 2 years when he inherited the mess CCM inherited. The only reason I accept the idea now is that we appear to have gotten worse, not improved in year 2. More worrisome still is the fact that we got blown out by a team that probalbly has no player we would have offered a scholarship. We may be less talented than every other SEC team (I doubt it, but we might be) I know damned well we’re more talented than WKU & they just beat the crap out us. We looked like the rent-a-win.

I hope you are correct. If HY personally contacted the agents of any potential candidates, he might be in breach of contract with Chad Morris. He might have an intermediary person making some inquiries about a what if situation…maybe. He is intelligent enough not to get in that fray before the details of termination are all organized and on paper. Just business: keeping the horse before the cart. Do I personally think HY has some potential candidates in mind. Yes I do, that is his job. AD’s hire and fire head coaches and raise money. Wonder who those candidates would be? Does Rhett Lashlee sound credible…that is a guess from the cheap seats. I have no idea, but we need some football brains on a committee to be his advisory board, A committee with one agenda. Identify the best candidate then get him hired.

If looking for potential coaches before firing the current one is “breach of contract” then it is going on all the time.

I’m pretty sure the coach’s contract does not restrict the AD from contacting a potential replacement. The buyout is the protection for the coach. The AD can look and talk all he wants.

I agree not liking firing a coach after two (or less) seasons. But we have not seen any progress, Zero.It is obvious the player quit on the coaches, so he lost this team. Many of them he recruited. when a coach loses a team you get the results just like the last two games. Football is somewhat about the toughness and want to of the players, Players are most apt to give those things when they trust their coaches. They obviously do not. Losing the team is only one of a few firable offenses Chad Morris has successfully accomplished.

I disagree that he lost his players. He lost Bielema’s players.

Once again General, you are speaking in a blanketed fashion as if you know all. Do you know CCM hasn’t lost any of the young players or is that just your guess?

I hope you are correct. Why?, I want to hang on as a Hog Football Fan, but I am wavering since the Miss State and Western Kentucky debacle. Hope we get the correct person hired.

Well maybe part of this spiraling malfunction. CCM does not instill confidence in me when he gets behind the microphone for the post game press conference. After the MS State loss he had no players with him at the post game press conference. Today he had players with him like normal. Is that correct? I could not wait to listen to CCM, when he is starting to sound a little like John L Smith to me. Embarrassing. Was that a last ditch effort of HY to try and save him (making CCM have players at the post game press conference after WKU and none after MS State? Maybe. After today’s disaster, HY needs not to try and save him as the money trail will lead him to the correct decision for this program.

Not my intent. Just what I’ve heard.

I’m not sure.

Could it be that HY is covering his butt? Perhaps he wants more say so in the new hire than he currently feels that he is getting, As in, maybe someone is meddling again (see Gus), and that’s not their job; It’s His. This is politics at it’s finest. I remember stating (not that anyone cares or remembers) that the Basketball hire was the biggest of his Arkansas career. Well, it appears that the football coach search will now trump that. Everyone has an opinion (especially if they are a big donor or are seated on the BOT). I can only imagine the BS and/or pressure he’s putting up with this season. I cant help but believe that most would do the same as HY may be doing; bluff them down so that he has the most say in the hire; because he will certainly take the most heat if the next coach fails.

Apologies for poor grammar.

Hear me out. Just a thought that could maybe save us some money for down the road. Let him keep his HC title but he has to take a clue from his buddy Gus. If he is as good of and offensive Coordinator as he claims then make him call the plays moving forward. Get rid of Chavis spend more money on a quality DC . Let Fry Craddock go and spend a few bucks on good position coaches and keep Traylor to recruit Texas. Who know what might happen. Now I have no idea who those coaches would be but something has to change

I think you are following the track they are exploring as we speak. Easy to just fire him. Gotta have a plan for a replacement, way to prevent transfers, etc.

I think you will see Morris with new assistants next year

Are you a betting man Pike - $100 gift certificate to restaurant of your choice says Morris will not coach the Hogs in 2020.


Where will Morris be coaching and why didn’t he take any of his current assistants with him?:grin:

Why not? You may be right and we see Morris out tomorrow with traylor as interim tomorrow. If not, however I think you can agree he is still here at least through the end of the year.

Tomorrow or I suppose Monday - he won’t be the HC against LSU.