Hunter trolling Hog Fans

Slobbern’ Hog

Remember what today is…

Aloha Jeff,
Good catch amigo.
UA…Campus of Champions

Not funny, Hunter, but obviously he knows A LOT of people wish the court looked just like that.
He could probably get himself a raise if he made it happen.

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LOL. Good stuff by HY.

Not funny at all.

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Whoever does the naming rights (biggest donation for upgrades) should make this logo at mid court part of the package. I assume there might be some leverage when they start asking for money to do all the upgrades. I am not sure if Bud Walton has to stay on the building until its torn down or not.

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Y’all are so bent out of shape about the paint on the court. If the uniform police is silly, the Slobber Hog cult is even sillier.

For a lot of us, Slobber Hog symbolizes Hog hoops.
Can’t help you if you think it is silly, but it is very real.
It is way more than some paint on the floor.


Agree with this. Silly.

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