Hunter throws a zinger at Jay Bilas

I think HY and others at the UA should probably stay out of the fray on this one. I see a lot of potential to negatively spin casual remarks like this. Such as — HY is more concerned about admins/coaches than he is players. And, Bilas is pretty popular.


I think he’s fine. No one can say he or the UA don’t support the athletes.

To what comment by Bilas was Hunter responding?

Not being harshly critical of HY. I love the guy. Just mildly critical. Optics, you know…regardless, HY did get his money’s worth!

Hit the Twitter link above and it will show you the full context of the conversation. Including Bilas’s initial Tweet.

Thanks. Other than being dumb, I didn’t see much in Bilas’ post. Bilas suggesting Emmert should have attacked the US jobs’ free market economy, as it relates to coaches and administrators.

image I’ve never liked the guy.

Bilas loves him some Coach K! The same coach who recruited and played a player who should have never been eligible to even play high school much less collage. Zion and family started getting compensated when he was in high school. Sports Illustrated tried to break the story but no one cared. Bilas talks out of both sides of his mouth! An attorney with blinders!

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Looks as though maybe Hunter took it down. I wonder if Muss suggested he do so. What’s the cliche about getting into it with the press,
“Don’t get into an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel.”

I support HY 100% but may not be great for basketball program to have a public fight with Bilas.

Still up.

Why take the truth down! No time to be a lackey.

Not a Bilas fan at all!

Bilas is a fraud perpetrated by his daddy. Coach K

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