Hunter Johnson

Former 5 star QB at Clemson is transferring. Matt Barber from Dixieland sports said “ Chad Morris and the Arkansas Razorbacks make a lot of sense here” …interesting. I’m sure RD or DD will report if there is any mutual interest.

The same guy that didn’t see Bryant happening is saying he’s hearing Purdue and other midwest schools for Hunter.

I don’t know if the chase of HJ for us would make much sense. He only would have 2 years of eligibility, and be eligible the same time as KJ, and Noland who many see the future of the program. I don’t think he’s worth risking the commitment of KJ.

A grad transfer with 1 year is a better idea, that wouldn’t threaten KJ.


The assumption KJ will be ready for the SEC from day one might be a bit optimistic. You couldn’t turn down a kid like HJ if he had legit interest due to KJ could you?

Depends on how confident they are in KJ. He was their #1 target, so chances are, they like him a lot.

Barber for two years and Noland on campus might be


Public Board Police, how about I don’t know the name of all the 5* QB’s Clemson has on campus and more on the way.
I just believe our coach has a very good read on whether one could help us. A few years with the Clemson team very
likely is better preparation than a couple years of high school
football. I believe that Noland and Jefferson have a very high
ceiling but high school ain’t Clemson. I hope neither of those
guys fears competition enough to duck it before they take
its measure. :stuck_out_tongue:

How many more QB scholarships can we afford to give out? Do the QB’s have a large enough room to meet in? :roll:

Has nothing to do with being Public Board Police. I thought maybe you knew somebody else that I had not heard. Goodness gracious, folks. It’s not a slap, but a simple question.

I responded too soon and overreacted to boot. Other things sometimes have a bearing on what is posted or responded to on a public forum. This was one one of those times.
I was embarrassed by my inaccuracy and I should have let
it pass. :oops: