Hunter Henry

I just read that HH didn’t drop a single pass all season (50/50) til tonight. I’m not much of a Pats fan but always happy for ex-Hogs who perform well in the NFL. Wish he was still out here with the Chargers

As has been noted in the past, he didn’t drop a single pass his last season at Arkansas. Guess those work habits and consistency have carried forward into the NFL.


That is pretty amazing when you consider talent level trying to prevent that from happening or even having someone throw you fifty balls in the back yard and not drop one. Yet, many have hard time hanging on to balls thrown to them consistently (will not mention any names here).

He has always had great, soft hands…like Peyton Hillis. You are born with those.

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By contrast, the guy who took HH’s spot w/the Chargers, Jared Cook, didn’t fare as well with a 12.7% drop rate, worst on the team, 48 catches on 83 targets

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