Hunter Henry could be moving on

Chargers decline to give him the franchise tag (whatever that is) so he’s becoming a free agent. I’ve read that the Patriots could be very interested in him.

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Jags, Panthers and Cardinals may also be kicking the tires.

Would love to see him become a Titan but not sure if we need another receiver.

He would make a great addition to the Chiefs

Another weapon for Dak in Dallas. Plus AR connection.

Bills will be a big player.

Large payday coming, great for Hunter…

It is a large pay day. Most cannot afford him. Could Chiefs? I would think they might spend money in offensive line. I know some of the injured are not gone. But they may have enough playmakers.

Clay is right. The Chiefs have a pretty good TE in Kelce. But they really need to upgrade the O line. The make-shift line that played in the SB could not give Mahomes adequate protection.

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I don’t see the Chiefs going after Hunter, having the best tight end in the NFL in Travis Kelce. What about the Eagles who don’t have Zach Ertz anymore?

One of you math experts on the cap may know who has room for Hunter at the tight end position.

The cap number is down 8% this year, which means getting a really good deal will be tough. Hunter might be tempted to do a one or two year deal with a very modest raise in hopes of having a big enough year to get a much better long-term contract in 2022 or 2023.

Also the new media rights deals are going to be completed in the next year and those are expected to cause a really big jump in the cap. Even mediocre performance this year might result in more money over the length of his career if he waits to sign a long term deal.

I was dreaming about Hunter being with the Chiefs. As a fanatical Chiefs fan for all my 50 years, I would LOVE to have Hunter there. I think Coach Reid could do wonders with him.

KC has more of a need for Defensive End, Offensive Guard, Offensive Tackle and Line backer.

Their line was decimated last year. 2 opt outs, 3 injuries. they were playing 3rd string by the end of the year. You saw what happened. What a lot of people gloss over, is the defense was ineffective as well.

But man, having Hunter as the heir apparent to Kelce. :slight_smile: :grinning:. I would love to have my cake and eat it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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