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Dudley, how does the Hog Trough Players Forum work?

Is this a dinner event? Just a Q/A with an audience?

What’s the cost of admission?

I have wondered.

Great write up Dudley….solid work, thanks!

Very very good stuff Dudley.
The Hog Trough Q&A sessions are from fans only doing the asking or just in the audience while you do the asking?
Just curious as either way is great IMO.

Here’s the link to buy tickets which should answer that question. You can also pay to watch it from home.

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I didn’t know about the from home aspect

I get the players Q&A started with a couple of question and then open it to the fans after that.

I keep it moving along and they answer questions for the next hour

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There is dinner available beginning at 6.

We are doing it on Wednesday this week so the Arkansas-Georgia game will be on from 6-8 (unless the refs call 70 fouls again and it runs later).

There is a $5 cover charge to get in.

Had over 100 people last week and KJ and Dalton signed photos and autographs at the conclusion.

Jalen Catalon and Bumper Pool this week, Robert Moore and Jalen Battles om the 17th and Jaylen Williams will be one of the guest on the 24th

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