Hunt Center

We were invited to tour the Hunt Baseball Development Center today. It’s hard to describe, but I gave it a shot:


Vanderbilt is proud of their facility which cost $12 million ours was 27 million unbelievable


I was glad to learn that CVH is a Chiefs fan :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think DVH will get his 17,000 seats eventually. Which probably means either seating in/over the Hog Pen or a second level behind home plate. Or both.


He grew up in Kansas City.

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I know, Still glad to hear it.

I think both will be considered long range. The pond beyond the center-field wall can also be drained and filled in, and some things can be done to reconfigure the batter’s eye and add seats there. I was talking to someone yesterday and they said the new building taught them two things: there is a lot of room between the outfield wall and 15th Street, and it was amazing to see how dirt can be moved in a building process.

I have heard that essentially each time the stadium was expanded, it was done so in a way that allows for future renovations. I’m not an engineer, obviously, but I would think a second level could be built over the existing suites. It could address the demand for more suites, more ticketed seats and a new press box.

The press box is essentially the same as in 1996. There are a lot more people who need in there now from reporters to game-day operations people, not to mention the need for a per-game TV booth that did not exist until less than 10 years ago.

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Yep, that’s the more expensive, but more likely option, because it would provide premium seats and suites and address the press box need.

I’ve thought for a while that our next major expansion would be premium seats/suites above the current ones. I doubt that would add many seats, but would certainly provide nice revenue. I’d love to see us average something above 15k attendance in a stadium that could hold 17k. To keep this monster, we have to feed it. My only worry is eventually having to replace DVH. Hard to imagine a better coach.

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My guess is that an upper deck at BWS would have general seating with a rim of suites/club seats and a new press box above/behind it, and the current press box would be converted to suites

I think DVH wants to cement his legacy by winning a NCAA championship. Once accomplished, he will retire, but stay active in razorback baseball.

Bite your tongue. CDVH still has at least six to eight more years.

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If he happens to win the title this year, he’s not hanging it up. He’ll see how many more he can win.

He is going to coach at least 8 to 10 years longer. He’s at the top of his game right now. Recruiting is going great.

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The existing structure won’t support a second deck above our existing seats, we’re talking major money to add a second level.

Hence why I’m not an engineer. :grinning:

yes I agree unless an unforseen illness arises,he’s is Great shape to last a long time!

The Hunt center was brought to its knees today by a monstrous blast off Bohofren’s bat!!

Everybody is going to be shooting for that building!!

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That is true my friend… I just hope we find it a whole lot more than our opponents :crazy_face: