Hunt Center video

Six minutes of good stuff.


Awesome stuff!

impressive…why go to any other university?(i am somwhat bias)

I wonder if Yurachek gave any tours of the new baseball facility or any other of our additions since they were up here last to any Texas Athletic Dept folks when they dropped by last weekend? I remember when LSU finally played in Fayetteville after playing in Little Rock for years. They were stunned by our facilities. The teasippers would never admit it but I suspect the DWRR stadium grass was not the only place they might have gotten stunned bigtime last weekend.

That is so cool! A few weeks ago, we were talking about playing here vs AA. What AA club matches that? AAA? Fly to games Vs buss. Stay in great hotels. Get a college degree to fall back on. Play in front of fans that really care instead of folks just out for an outing. that is a lot to sell.

I remember those games at the Fairgrounds. How far has it come. Wow.

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