Hunker down

It looks like tomorrow is going to be an eventful weather day across Arkansas with large hail and tornadoes possible.

It is really warm in Fayetteville today, 80 degrees at my house. This is probably the warmest day we’ve had this year, but it’s supposed to get cool again this weekend. The atmosphere seems ripe for some volatility tomorrow.

The wind is starting to pick up some here. We’re supposed to have gusts up to 40 mph tonight, which could create some fun on fly balls at the baseball game.

And that wind is out of the south. Highly unlikely anyone will hit one into Lake Norm tonight.

It it’s a southwest wind it will blow out to left field. There might be some hit into the hog pen.

True. Both forecasts I’ve looked at (NWS and say from the south, but a slight shift to the southwest could put some balls in our bullpen or the Hog Pen.

If LL Soft J squares up on one, I don’t think the wind can blow hard enough to keep it in the park.

Kjerstad grew up in Amarillo. This wind is a soft breeze there.

I just hope for some solid defense and good pitching. The runs will happen! If it’s happens to be a long ball that’s fine.

Do they have the discretion to move the game time up some if it looks like there is a better chance to play a full game?
I have no idea if that would help in this case, just wondering if they have that option when it’s not on TV.

They do have that ability to move a game tomorrow, but I doubt it happens. There are other things - like Friday night ticket sales - to take into consideration.