Hump dump attendance

Looks to be about 2500 people there, can totally see why Reggie Perry would want to play in front of that crowd instead of the 20000 that showed up at the Bud Saturday. It’$ almo$t like there’$ $omething el$e going on.

Didn’t I see where Reggie Perry’s dad got a job with Mississippi State or did I make that up?

Hate to rehash this but the Perry home was suffering financial woes and Ben Howland stepped in just like he did for Shabazz Muhammad at UCLA.

The Mississippi State basketball program committed five secondary violations since Ben Howland took over last year. All five involved recruiting.

The listed attendance was 6,324, but you have to think that is the number of tickets sold. Looked awfully small on TV.

There were not 1200-1500 fans at the Dump(Hump). It sounded like a high school game. That was a bad loss. That game was a very winnable road game against a team which is not that good. We would have kicked their tails at home. That is a problem with Mike Anderson basketball…if a team plays good defense and slows us down…we have no Plan B. This is a weakness of his coaching style. We’ve seen it before. This is not something new. He doesn’t know how to play Eddie Sutton basketball which is how you beat Ben Howland. It is not in Mike’s DNA.