I see my posts were taken off…really…oh well…I know why…

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Things that make you go hmmmm.

I’m the one that deleted the thread. The thread was not deleted solely because of your assertions. Political posts are not allowed on this site. The entire thread had become political.

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No…Marty…it was not political unless copying and pasting an article about a supposedly new AD who was of color hired and then not hired. Sadly, several sites with Arkansas titles were pushing this lie and the UA should not have let that happened until they had their man. It was so misleading and just down right dangerous. It was all over social media…but again, I didn’t believe a word of it. That’s truly the best definition of “FAKE NEWS” ever. All those post congratulating him and for what? Is this a sin of commission or omission? Regardless, it’s a sin against righteous. Granted…you all didn’t do that. So I do commend you all for not going low. However, someone did and with that, why would someone of color send their athletes to that university with what they just did to a group of people (the AD and those who were congratulating him) who just wants to be treated the same as every American including not throwing a name out there only to be embarrassed in the process. He should do the same as that coach in TN and hit their pockets for doing this xxxx. There were no leaks like this for the immediate past AD.

Now back to this little ad, “I just talked to Coach Anderson,” Yurachek said. “I said I went from Saturday being a great win to today that being a bad loss.” Not just a loss Coach Anderson…but a “bad loss!!!” If this little ad wouldn’t include coach B’s hugh payout in his loveable presser, guess he didn’t have the “Likes” to be honest about both universities on the national scene. However, he had no problem identifing that the Houston game was a terrible “bad loss.” Not just a loss…but he said it was a “bad loss.” Well, do I even need to identify what he just said? So, in less than a week on the job, he’s gone after two men of color with great character: Sumlin, bad business decision no way he should receive all that $$$$…Anderson, bad loss. Let’s see, I already know who will be the next African American he’ll calls out…I say this person will be mentioned in the next X days…and he will have his trifecta of putting blacks in their place…and for that, he will surely win over this state…Oh and the football coach…watch your back…these writers loved B…already throwing him under the bus…is this 1917 or 1817? Either or, this ad would fit nicely…he says the right words about you know who to you know who…

It was a bad loss. Are we at the point where you can’t tell a black coach it was a bad loss without being labeled a racist? We just fired a white coach and a white AD. Some could call that regional racism because they were both from up north. They could but that would be ridiculous. They were fired for lots more reasons than that. Just depends on what’s your agenda, I guess. No posts about sports. Just bizarre racial attacks. Are you an A-State or some other weak program troll just trying to make trouble?

Once again, OP, if you follow the rules your posts will stay up. Three different moderators, including me, concluded that whole thread had gotten out of control. So it was taken down in its entirety. You want to keep calling people racists, making other personal attacks and pushing a political agenda, your stay on this board will be a short one.

With all things being viewed through your racially tinged eyes, your world is
one of bitterness and suspicion. Your worldview is radioactive.

I wonder, but honestly, I don’t care, if you are even a Razorback.

It would be pretty contradicting if this guy to be a Razorback fan according to how badly blacks are treated.

Oh btw, mike Anderson did have a bad loss in Houston, it was pathetic, wouldn’t matter if he was pink, yellow, green or blue. It as worse than bad.

You live a miserable life, I’m sure it’s hard to be surrounded by a state with majority of such awful white folk.

Heck if I thought it was as bad as you I’d quit my job if a white man was employed, owner, or was in any connection to it, and from Arkansas.

Not sure why you pay to be on this board, you’re clearly not a Razorback fan, just a full time race baiter.


We are not going there folks.