It continues to amaze me that the UA SID group doesn’t grasp the concept of getting the question-askers a mic so that the viewer doesn’t have to play Jeopardy trying figure out the question to the answer.
It is a very easy thing to understand by just watching one press conference and see the problem.
I have to think I am not the only one that feels this way. Perhaps our insiders might try to explain this to them.

I have asked that question and never really got an answer that made any sense.

It almost seems intentional ! WPS

You guys have NOT been paying attention. There has been a microphone for ALL of the media opportunities in Fayetteville with Chad Morris this spring. They do not have the capabilities to do that in the presser at War Memorial Stadium. They do not have a traveling system with remote mic to take to Little Rock. I’ve said that. But we have had the mic to pass it around in both basketball and football this year. I think it’s been every press conference. That system is not available at the baseball facility, but might be soon.

Yes, guys.

We have to wait on the microphone to ask a question now at both basketball and football press conferences.

Y’all just haven’t been listening - and or reading - because I know I have answered it myself twice.

War Memorial has a lot of issues - hence the $27 million price tag needed for renovations

I’ll be submitting a bid for $27m for a Mr. Microphone for WMS, hopefully the WMS Commission will score my bid the highest, and some lawyer won’t file a suit to stop it.

What’s sad is 27m is just to ensure WMS is KOA campground level at best to ensure bottom doesn’t fall out and people are safe.

But we claim to want to be a national power.

I’m cool with LR games but if we care about perception of program and demonstrating we care we are likely needing to pump 10 times that into stadium.

Little Rock money and state money needs to step or it’s just embarrassing to a program that claims to have top national aspirations.

Add the seats and make it awesome if we are going to play there, or just go to a high school stadium.

Ain’t gonna happen. Nor should it, to be honest. There are a lot of areas that need $27 million in state/local funds (and that estimate for WMS may be low, depending on what the SEC decides on stadium requirements) a lot more than a stadium that is only going to be used once a year.

I’m told it will take less than $2 million to do what is really needed to play SEC games in WMS. It will happen.

Will the SEC approve games there, and I love a half-azzed fix…

Interesting question. I’m pretty sure the previous UA administration would have told the SEC, nah, don’t approve games in Little Rock and it will solve a problem for me. Doesn’t sound like Hunter Yurachek will do the same, or maybe he will. If he decides the games all need to be in RRS, he can make the SEC the fall guy: “I wanted to play in Little Rock but the SEC won’t let me.”

As to the last half of your sentence, very few people remember that there was actually a gathering of civic leaders in Little Rock in the early 80s to gauge if there was any interest in pursuing a domed stadium in Little Rock that could have hosted both football and basketball, probably something along the lines/size of the Hoosierdome in Indianapolis, which seated about 62,000. I was at that meeting. So was Eddie Sutton. I believe that was early in the Hatfield regime in football; don’t recall that Ken was there.

There did seem to be interest from the people that were there, but the domed stadium idea went no further. A few years later, Little Rock voters roundly shot down a referendum for a downtown arena which IIRC would have seated about 12,000. That would have been what you described as a “half-azzed fix,” as would a $2 million patch job on WMS. It would be another 7 or 8 years after that before the proposal for what is now Verizon Arena was approved by all of Pulaski County.