Hugh Freeze

Hmmmm. Hugh (I mean Huge) contract for Hugh.

I wonder if they made him first guarantee a victory over the Hogs?

All is well that ends Falwell, I guess.

Doggone it. Now I’ve Freeze-Frame by the J. Geils Band playing in my head.


I guess illicit telephone messaging has lost meaning in this age of streaming.

How did this scheduled game come about? Does anyone actually know the background on how they managed to be on our schedule? What has caused this elevation in acceptance of Liberty and their deviant coach to achieved such a level of normalcy in mainstream D-5 power conference acceptance? I realize of schools schedule Liberty but why did we contract to play them?

He’s done a good job over there. It’s not a place with huge expectations, he likely has total control over the program, the schedules have been soft enough to make bowls doable most every year, and now he’s getting good money without a lot of stress. If he likes it in that part of Virginia he’s now fixed up to coach there until he retires.

Auburn and any one else who has an interest will now have to dig deeper to snag him. Still could happen, but it’s going to take a big pile of cash with a lot of it guaranteed.

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And people make mistakes and deserve a second chance. Also people can change which evidently
some people don’t agree with.

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By the way, Liberty has only lost to 10th ranked Wake Forest by 1 on the road, and have two weeks to prepare for the Hogs (Bye this week).

That seems to ruin this scenario:

The only coach who could co-exist with Fisher is one who would instantly make the offense better but has enough experience and money in the bank to be able to tell Fisher where to stuff it if conflict arose. And I think I know the perfect coach, but he probably makes too much money. And he and Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork might have too much history.

You know where I’m going.

It’s Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze.

Well you could always replace it with Angel in the Centerfold. Still kind of works for ole Hugh.


That seems like an awful lot of money for a D1 midmajor like Liberty.

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