Hugh Freeze

Freeze should coach at one of the Nevada schools, with Heidi Fleiss serving as his recruiting coordinator.

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Well if so, that would tell me all I need to know about AU. Can’t imagine him ever coaching in SEC again. I could see AU grabbing Petrino before Freeze. that’s what I think about Freeze.

Spurrier won the SEC East in 2010 at South Carolina. The Gamecocks lost to Auburn in the championship game. It was the first time the East was represented by a team other than Florida, Georgia or Tennessee.

Personally, I thought he did a great job strengthening that program. They won 11 games and finished top-10 nationally three years in a row. I don’t think South Carolina had ever had that level of success.

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Freeze’s record against Arkansas was 2-3.

His wins over Alabama were in 2014 and 2015, after Saban hired Lane Kiffin to change the offense.

I have a hard time believing many schools will switch coaches this offseason due to revenue, which might be down again in the 2021-22 academic year or 2022 fiscal year, whichever way you look at it.

I’m interested to see what Vanderbilt does. Its athletics revenue is already the lowest in the SEC, but this is probably Derek Mason’s worst team, and it comes after a lot of people thought he would have been fired last year. The new AD is in a tough spot there.

If Vanderbilt makes a move, it might be an indication that it will be a more active offseason than expected.

I believe Muscamp at SC is definitely on the hot seat!

Good point. And I think you can make a decent argument that Saban at least started to learn the shift toward great offenses when he lost to Clemson. I still maintain that they win that championship if Kiffin is calling the plays.

However, Saban did seem to more recently come to a genuine epiphany about just how important the offense is. Here he is on the topic from October:

“It used to be that good defense beats good offense. Good defense doesn’t beat good offense anymore,” Saban told ESPN on Friday. "It’s just like last week. Georgia has as good a defense as we do an offense, and we scored 41 points on them [in a 41-24 Alabama win]. That’s not the way it used to be. It used to be if you had a good defense, other people weren’t going to score. You were always going to be in the game.

“I’m telling you. It ain’t that way anymore.” - Saban

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Well if Gus can’t get another sec job he could start Gus’s Rent-a Ref … guaranteed not to lose a game or your money back! :sunglasses: :smile:

I’ll never forget the first Ole Miss game I saw Freeze coach. That team was not loaded with talent but no one played harder for their coach. I agree with Clay. He can coach.

Will you and Clay remind me again why he was 5-7 is in final (5th) season at OM if he can coach?

Honestly, other than beating Bama, I really don’t see much difference in he and Beleima.

BTW what was his record again Beliema?

Winning records are better when you’re buying top recruiting classes. Then somebody spills the beans it gets back to normal.

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I would take Freeze at Arkansas before either Kiffin or Leach, at this point I wouldn’t trade Pittman for either.

Thought he did a good job at Ole Miss, not an easy place to win and he recruited very well. I think there were more than subtle signs that his recruiting was not all charisma driven, but I doubt that will be much of a detractor to potential new employers, especially if Tennessee wants him. The Vols are so hungry, that by any means possible, is likely their mantra. By my assessment they sacrificed Pearl to keep the NCAA away from the football program. Barnes better be clean, because if they a new football coach gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he won’t be able to count on similar protection.

I heard through the grapevine here in Tenn after Petrino was fired that a lot of UT fans wanted him as their coach. That “win at all cost” attitude which most times ends in regret.

See Lane Kiffin…

It sure seemed like the bubble burst at Ole Miss. Gosh, I can’t even remember all of that Ole Miss season. Maybe someone else can.

I remember that if Hunter Henry hadn’t had the presence of mind to flip the ball 20 yards over his shoulder, Ole Miss wins the 2015 SEC West title over the eventual national champion Ocean Scum. They finished 10th in the final poll at 10-3 after blowing out Okie Lite in the Cotton Bowl.

Can’t see him going to Tennessee. Would be a strange turn of events if the school that revolted against the Schiano hire then turned to Freeze.

Is the field of potential coaching hires really so barren, and Freeze so much better than the next best candidate, that an AD ought to feel comfortable making an offer to Freeze?

The Pittman hire indicated to me that the field good potential head coaches might be broader and deeper than we previously thought. Maybe Tennessee already has a very good candidate in Will Friend?

As per Mr Sexton (Freeze’s Agent) on Paul Finebaum last night the SEC is the most viable place for his next job. With Big 12 next in line. He insinuated SEC would/could best deal with baggage associated with the hire. That and because of the bigger money paid which is Sextons main goal I’m sure.

Not sure the Tennessee faithful and their inflated self opinion will be satisfied with a unproven Head Coach. Regarding Will Friend, it seems that there is sentiment from Tennessee media, is that Friend’s last name explains his employment status with the Vols.

Pearl was not clean when they hired him, but the program was broken, so by any means possible. As it relates to football, they are just as broken and less accepting of this, so I would be surprised if even Satan would be off the table, if they thought he could right the ship.