Hugh Freeze calls the Hogs and is betting favorite to be Aubbie HC

They left Jon Gruden off the list….


I’d think Freeze would be one of the top choices. Both he & Kiffin fit the Auburn profile

Deion would add a whole new element to those Aflac commercials he makes with Saban

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Yeah, there would be some real friction with the Iron Bowl!

In some ways, the one that worries me the most is Sanders. I could see him really blow up and just crush recruiting.

I feel like Freeze and Kiffin would both be successful, but they are fairly known quantities—and not necessarily unbeatable.

I hope they hear “Wooo Pig Soooieeee!” a lot!

Freeze without a doubt can do the Xs and Os though he has experienced some difficulty with his arrow drawings as they seem to give a less-than-straight appearance. Auburn’s more recent period of departure from the certainty, but yet flexibility of Sug Jordan’s Seven D’s of Success: Discipline, Desire to Excel, Determination, Dedication, Dependability, and Desperation and Damn It Anyway, Do Something" has been nothing more than a constant tilt-a-whirl ride across the Plain. A Hugh Freeze regime at Auburn might be best imagined as a July camp revival on the banks of the Chattahoochee before once again falling into the moral debauchery of the Phenix City strip. If Hugh’s moral compass failed in Oxford, how might it perform successfully in Auburn? His interest and that of his family are best served at Falwell U with its ready supply of bottled redemption waters.

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Razorbacks 59 - Flames 17

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LOL! Most enjoyable read redpig.