Hugh Freese in at Liberty

Nothing says “Win at all costs” like hiring an AD that left Baylor after their sexual misconduct and hiring Freese as your football coach…

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Perfect fit. HC who frolicked with escorts & strippers working for an AD who condoned sexual misconduct.

Smart money is on Freeze to be Gus’s replacement after he gets his rep rehabbed at Liberty.

Do you think the NCAA will clear him? I guess so. They’ve cleared dirtier coaches than him. I’m conservative and Christian, but I never liked or trusted Jerry Falwell. This looks like a match made in… well somewhere. I wonder what will happen if 4 and 5 star recruits from across the country begin heading to Lynchburg?

I’m sure the leopard will claim he’s changed his spots in a couple of years when he tries to get in the mix for a Power Five job.

He certainly has already demonstrated the flexible ethics the Auburn people seem to crave.

Hey, when I was a kid and got my hand caught in the cookie jar, well, I didn’t do that no more!
What happened to everybody deserves a second chance? :sunglasses:

The fame and money of college sports comes with temptations that I expect are difficult to ignore. I would put that temptation into the same bucket as say alcoholism and someone addicted to alcohol wouldn’t want the temptation associated with being a bartender after going through AA.

May the red light shine on Liberty and the coeds are safe from the AD. Sorry, I just had to say that. :frowning: :frowning: Really I wish Freeze well if he can do it the right way. :oops:

SEC wouldn’t allow Saban to hire him last year, yet he had talks with 3 SEC schools other than Bama just recently this year for OC position.
Was he cleared by the SEC for an assistant or coordinator position this year?
If cleared by SEC why not go with Saban this year & gain some coaching respect at Saban’s coaching rehab center & a shot at a P-5 program in a couple years.
Ego I suspect.

Th hiring of Ian McCaw at Liberty (as AD) is much more shocking to me than Freeze. McCaw was in charge during the sickening Baylor sexual assault cover up episode. When you read even a bit about the fiasco at Baylor you’ll want to throw up. Freeze certainly has some skeletons but McCaw has overseen the cover up when peoples lives were being ruined.

It’s a sad day for Liberty. IMO

They should be better than this.

I say no 2nd chances for a head coach who sells a Christian family atmosphere to parents of recruits and then pimps prostitutes for free to those same recruits. I’m sure he sold all his potential bosses at Liberty that he has “seen the error of his ways” and will only walk the straight and narrow from now on.


“I am always suspect of anyone trading on their claimed faith outside of those in the pulpit. Witnessing, testifying or discipleship should be done off of company time so as to avoid the appearance of using it to your business advantage. And that goes for everyone from plumbers to college football coaches.”

  • Some guy on another message board

I think you misspelled Falwell

Correct spelling : F R A U D W E L L

Seems to say more about Liberty than anything else. Just my opinion.