Looked at the depth chart in the mag. Starting right tackle for Portland ST. 6’10 and 410 pounds! Wow! The new field will never be the same.

That’s WWE big.

Arkansas’ DE ought to be able to speed rush against this guy.

He should like the heat in the fourth quarter

He will be a fan favorite in the first three quarters. “Hey big fella, could you walk over here and keep some of the sun off us?”

Tough on the medical guys though, if he gets hurt. Maybe they should call down to Oaklawn and have one of their vets bring up an ambulance just in case.

82 for the high on Aug 31, as of today.

I will be surprised if he can go by the time the fourth quarter hits.

I’ll try to find him. Someone point him out to me. Maybe Dudley will help me in the press box. Think I’ll need my field glasses to figure out which one he is?

I would say he wouldn’t make it to the second half but for the fact their offense won’t be on the field for too long. Hope they’ve brought along a lot LR +KCl for halftime for the IVs.

Might have to change that. Looks like we are getting a break in the weather next week. Highs in the mid-70s on game day. With that the humidity should be much less. Couldn’t ask for better weather for the first game.

I believe your point is very likely, EuroHog, I hope their offense has under a dozen first downs.

I think with even ideal football weather they wouldn’t get ten first downs without a statistical aberration like us scoring so fast they end up with an unusual and misleading TOP.